A 17-month-old girl suffocated earlier this week when she climbed out of her crib and got caught between it and a wall.

The crib was several years old and positioned about three inches from the wall at the time of the accident, according to a police report."The crib railing just pinned the child at the throat, and she suffocated," said John Longson, senior patrolman with the Salt Lake Police Department. "It was a very sad accident."

The tot was placed in the crib to take a nap, and when the mother checked on the child more than an hour later, the child was found dead. The report stated the mother claimed the child was extremely active and climbed in and out of her crib on occasion.

Longson said the crib had no casters and the floor was carpeted, which prevented the crib from moving easily. Although he called the incident a "freak accident," he said a similar occurrence could easily happen.

He encouraged parents to at least maintain cribs away from walls or right against them.

"If the crib would have been away from the wall, the baby would have fallen out, but it would have at least survived," Longson said.