A new power plant is expected to be installed at Barber Dam within a month, and the historic site, idled for 50 years, should begin producing power once again in October, officials said.

Work was scheduled to begin on the dam in December, but Interwest Hydro, a Boise firm that is building the plant in partnership with Bonneville Pacific Corp. of Salt Lake City, has had to wait for federal permits.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission took longer than expected to process the necessary paperwork, Interwest spokesman Dick Barrell said.

The company is still waiting for structural design permits, expected to be granted by FERC within two to four weeks, before beginning construction of the $5 million plant, said Orlin Clements, an engineer with Bonneville Pacific.

The power plant was built in 1906 on the Boise River, approximately three miles upstream from Boise.

"We're essentially reactivating a resource that has been in disuse for a number of years," said Carl Peterson, managing director for Bonneville Pacific.