This is a contest for die-hard Elvis fans.

A Nashville, Tenn., radio station, saying it wants to dispel rumors Elvis Presley is still alive, is offering $1 million to anyone who can bring the rock 'n' roll king to Nashville for an interview."Sightings of Elvis have been reported from all around the world - a restaurant in Germany, a Burger King in Michigan and a trailer park in Tennessee," station WYHY said this week.

The station, which calls itself "Y107, the outrageous FM," said until August it would pay $1 million "to anyone who can bring the real, one and only Elvis Aaron Presley to Y107's studio at 810 Division St. Nashville, Tenn., for a one-hour exclusive interview."

"Elvis may be alive as many people believe," the station said, citing the many articles and books published that reveal many startling facts surrounding the death.

"Hopefully, the $1 million reward will persuade Elvis to surface or put to rest all the controversy over his death," the station said.

Presley died in Memphis on Aug. 16, 1977, of heart failure, the Shelby County medical examiner said at the time.