A West Jordan man who designed a waterbed cover called Thermo-Cove has received a patent from the U.S. Patent Office for the combination of materials he put inside the cover.

Garth Limb, owner of J. Lea Specialties, said he began working on the patent in March 1986, and he received notice the patent was approved July 5. He has other patent applications pending.Limb, who purchased a waterbed mattress cover that was marketed as containing special insulation, discovered it was filled with carpet padding. So he set out to invent a cover that would be soft and yet have good insulating qualities allowing a waterbed heater to be used less frequently and save the owner several dollars per year.

Thermo-Cove contains a layer of DuPont Hollofil, the same insulation used in sleeping bags, and a layer of foam encased in a bedding-type material that makes the cover appear like a regular mattress. He also has a model that can be used with regular mattresses.

Sales are increasing, he said.