Provo School District teachers may wish they were kids again when adult lunch prices go up 15 cents this fall.

Lunch for adults will increase to $1.45, but student lunch prices will remain the same for another year - 75 cents in the elementary schools and 85 cents in the secondary schools.The Provo Board of Education approved the adult price increase at its monthly meeting Tuesday to meet state guidelines on minimum lunch prices. After completing a worksheet provided by the State Office of Education, the district found it was not charging an adequate amount for adult lunches.

Adults must pay more because their meals cannot be subsidized by children's payments or state or federal reimbursements, whether they be cash or commodities. Any portion of a school lunch that is not paid directly by the consuming adult must be made up from other district funds.

Vaughn Hawkes, purchasing director for Provo Schools, said the district's adult lunch price of $1.30 was not adequate to cover costs even though the school lunch fund balance will be in the black at the end of the year.

The increase will give the district an extra $3,000 if the same number of adults continue to buy lunches, but Hawkes said he expects fewer adults to participate. He pointed out that prices were not raised to increase revenue, but only to keep the state happy.

In other business, the board approved a bid of $123,250 by Butler Roofing of Spanish Fork to repair the roofs at Wasatch Elementary and Dixon Middle School.

The firm will roof everything but the north wing at Wasatch for $76,450 and will repair damage caused by last year's hail storm at Dixon for 46,800.