Democratic congressional candidate Gunn McKay says his opponent, Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, is all talk when it comes to fighting drugs. In turn, Hansen's campaign says McKay is simply all talk, period.

McKay said at a press conference Wednesday at Woods Cross High School that even though Hansen has voted for several anti-drug bills, he has also voted against properly funding them. "You can't say one thing and do another."McKay added about Hansen, "I don't think he's for drugs. But if you've got a commitment, you've got to do something besides say, `I'm against drugs.' "

Hansen's campaign manager, Peter Jenks, responded, "That's just not true. No one feels stronger against drug trafficking than Jim Hansen, and he has voted consistently to that end. Beyond that, we're not going to respond every time Gunn McKay holds a press conference. He's just desperate to get his name in the paper."

McKay said he has a "comprehensive plan" to fight drugs by providing more money needed to improve law enforcement and anti-drug education, and by pressuring countries that supply drugs to halt the flow.

"My opponent has consistently voted against necessary funding levels for enforcement and interdiction programs. Jim Hansen has repeatedly voted against appropriations for the Coast Guard; the Customs Agency, which is responsible for border interdiction; the Drug Enforcement Agency; and the FBI."

McKay added, "Time and again, Hansen will talk tough on an important issue, but when it comes to voting for the people and children of his district he cannot be counted on.

"Jim has voted against congressional committees on narcotics abuse, and he voted against $250,000 for state and local law enforcement."

In anticipation that he might again be accused of negative campaigning by Hansen, McKay said, "This isn't negative campaigning, these are facts that can be substantiated. Drugs are poisoning our families and communities. We need more than talk, we need commitment."