Three children escaped from their home after it was destroyed in a burst of flames Thursday morning about 9:30.

Neighbors working in their yards said they heard an explosion in the house at 3702 S. Franklin Road (7465 West), then saw the window in the kitchen and basement shatter from the concussion.Linda Lever, who lives across the street, said she was watering the lawn when she saw the basement window shatter. She ran to the house to see if anyone was inside and met the three children as they were coming out the front door.

Ten-year-old Melinda Hairup was treated by paramedics for a burned foot. Her 7-year-old brother, Michael, suffered a slightly singed arm. The third child, Stan, 4, was not injured.

The children's father, Sherman Hairup, was called to the scene shortly after the fire was reported.

Salt Lake County Fire Capt. Howard Meik said smoke was showing through the roof when firefighters from the county and West Valley City first arrived. "It was all we could do to put out what was left of the house," he said.