Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dean Samuels and his campaign manager, Ted Pevear, have stopped plans to challenge in court the nomination of Gov. Norm Bangerter at the Republican State Convention.

Pevear said they decided they couldn't afford "the $15,000 or $20,000" to pay a lawyer to pursue a suit alleging that Bangerter did not really receive 70 percent of delegate votes, which gave him the nomination without needing to face Samuels in a primary.A petition filed earlier by Pevear and Joseph Stumph, a Republican legislative candidate, had claimed the Republicans failed to count several ballots cast for Merrill Cook, an independent candidate whose supporters unsuccessfully tried to nominate him at the convention.

The petition claimed that if those votes had been counted, Bangerter would not have received 70 percent of the total. Republican Party officials deny that happened, and said they saved all the ballots to prove it.

Pevear said, "We tried everything and gave it our best shot. But there comes a point when you have to walk away from it." Pevear also said he decided to personally support Cook in the campaign instead of Bangerter.