Travelers Aid Society has helped travelers who are stranded or homeless in the Salt Lake area since 1923. And for the past three years, Lila Adamson has been a part of that effort.

Two days a week, Adamson volunteers at the Greyhound Bus Deport, where she provides support to staff and information and directions to clientele."She has frequently recognized a need and has responded to individual client requests in a sensitive and caring manner," said Leslie Russell, Travelers Aid volunteer coordinator. "She displays initiative in recognizing a job needing to be done by undertaking the task and following through until completion."

Among the help provided by the society is shelter, transportation, short-term counseling and other services to people in distress. Society staff members say Adamson's work with the clientele is of "exceptionally high quality; she is respected and liked by clients requesting services."

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.