An accountant accused of trying to extort money from his former employers after helping them bilk the Greyhound Corp. out of millions of dollars has been sentenced to two years' probation.

Keith Robin Decol was sentenced Monday by U.S. District Judge Earll Carroll.Decol is the second defendant to be sentenced for his role in an equipment-leasing scheme that cost Greyhound Leasing & Financial Corp. more than $67 million before it was discovered in 1985. Syed A. Hasan, who invested in the partnership, was sentenced early to 15 years in prison for perjury and wire fraud.

Sheldon Player, formerly of Vernal, Utah, and J.R. Willyard, Decol's former employers, were accused of stealing from Greyhound from 1979 to 1985. They allegedly pocketed money they borrowed from the corporation to buy heavy equipment that was to be leased to third parties. However, there were no third parties, and no equipment was bought.

Decol testified during Willyard's trial in March that Willyard and Player stole from several leasing companies, including Greyhound, by preparing phony stationery with reputable attorneys' names printed on it.

After he was fired in December 1980, Decol said he tried to obtain about $6,000 Player owed him.

When Player did not return his phone calls, Decol mailed him a letter on the phony stationery that implied he would blow the whistle if he were not paid, he testified during the trial.

After federal investigators learned of the letter, Decol agreed to plead guilty to one count of mailing an extortion letter.