The lawyer for Kentucky assistant basketball coach Dwane Casey said he expects the NCAA within the next two weeks to give notice of an official inquiry into allegations that Casey mailed $1,000 to the father of a recruit.

"There is a lot of pressure on the NCAA because of its previous investigation into Kentucky basketball where it didn't find anything," attorney Joe Bill Campbell told The Courier-Journal on Tuesday.Campbell said Casey answered questioned from three NCAA investigators for more than five hours Monday night.

A letter of official inquiry would heighten the seriousness of the 3-month-old NCAA probe by detailing alleged violations that occurred within the basketball program.

UK would then have a chance to respond to the allegations before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, which would decide if any sanctions were justified.

Campbell previously had said that he wasn't sure whether the NCAA would find enough to upgrade its investigation from a preliminary to an official inquiry. He said Tuesday that he hadn't changed his mind because of what the NCAA asked Casey Monday night, but because of the amount of time the organization had spent conducting its investigation.

His primary concern, Campbell said, is how the university would react to the official inquiry letter. "I've been concerned that the university will just roll over and play dead, accepting whatever the NCAA says," Campbell said. "I hope UK challenges it."

Campbell said the interrogation of Casey revealed the NCAA hadn't found "any smoking guns."

"Most of what they asked was just a rehash of what they had already asked Dwane about. There were some new things. . . . But we came out feeling good about the session."

The NCAA is investigating reports that an Emery Air Freight envelope sent by Casey to the father of UK recruit Chris Mills on March 30 popped open in transit, revealing $1,000 in cash. Casey has denied sending the money, and both Chris Mills and his father, Claud, have denied receiving any.

Campbell said those at the meeting included himself, Casey and NCAA investigators Charles Smrt, Joe Buffington and Bill Saum. Also present were the head of UK's investigating team, James Park Jr., and another UK investigator, Joseph Burch.