With possibly not even their jobs left to lose, inpatient-services employees at Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center aired their grievances to the interim management team Tuesday, saying they are tired of being treated as an unqualified and second-class staff.

Employees said they felt slighted by the administrative decision to move inpatient services to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and asked for the removal of Dr. David Dangerfield as the center's interim director and for the resignation of Bobbie Pillar, program director of day services and acting director of adult programs.Dangerfield has recommended that Timp Mental Health close the present facility and contract with a hospital to help develop an accredited inpatient program. He calls the center's inpatient services "a beefed-up residential program."

Pillar has been working with center employees to help them adjust to future program changes.

Under next year's budget approved by The Timp Mental Health Authority board, the number of professional staff members will almost triple, but a third of the staff at the center will lose their jobs.

According to Karen Campbell, coordinator of the inpatient unit, Pillar and Dangerfield told the staff there will be plenty of jobs to go around when the present inpatient services facilities close.

Unit employees - the lowest paid at Timp Mental Health - have now been told, however, that they will not be guaranteed a job.

Dangerfield said he didn't anticipate Timp Mental Health would lose any contracts when he made that statement.

Inpatient-services employees also told the interim management team that choosing Utah Valley Regional Medical Center over Mountain View Hospital for the inpatient-services contract was a political decision in favor of Utah Valley Director Keith Tintle.

Tintle worked as temporary interim director for several weeks after top officials at the center were suspended. A legislative audit revealed that Timp administrators misused more than $3.5 million in public funds.

Dangerfield said, however, that Utah Valley Regional Medical Center was chosen for logistical reasons.