A Mexican national involved in an auto-pedestrian accident that killed a 5-year-old Orem boy last September has been sued by the boy's parents for $41,571.

Jaime Uribe Villarreal, 21, pleaded guilty in February to leaving the scene of an accident and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and fined $375. Villarreal, who lived in Pleasant Grove when the accident occurred Sept. 11 in southeast Orem, originally was charged with automobile homicide. The charge was reduced after Villarreal agreed to surrender to Orem police about five months after the accident.The suit, filed by Larry C. Farmer and Katherine J. Farmer of Orem, says, "The heirs of Scott Sterling Farmer have been wrongfully deprived of the love, affection, compassion, companionship, care, protection, counsel and advice of the deceased, all to their damage in an amount not less than $32,500."

In addition, the plaintiffs seek $7,500 in medical expenses and $1,500 in funeral expenses, plus interest and court costs.