Society's attitudes about sex are too permissive, according to a majority of women surveyed by a magazine. But about one-third say they've had an extramarital affair or a relationship with a married man while single.

And, while 53 percent of the American women surveyed said they don't think the media should report information about a political candidate's sex life, only 29 percent actually would vote for a politician if they knew he or she has had or is having an extramarital affair.The contradictory feelings women have about sex were revealed in a survey by Women's Day magazine.

The typical woman who responded to the survey is married, has children, has attended at least some college and has a job. Her median age is 40 and her total household income is likely to be greater than $30,000 a year.

Sixty-eight percent of the women surveyed said society's attitudes about sex were too permissive, while 14 percent said it was just right and 13 percent said they were too judgmental. Five percent were undecided, the survey said.

Thirty percent of the women said they have had an affair with a married man while single. Twenty-eight percent said they have had an extramarital affair, according to the survey.