Lebanese hijack suspect Mohammed Ali Hamadi admitted on Wednesday he had smuggled explosives into West Germany but said other confessions were extracted by mental torture.

Hamadi, charged with the 1985 seizure of a U.S. airliner and the murder of an American passenger, told the court trying him that he had been asked by a person in Lebanon to carry explosives.Asked by Judge Heiner Mueckenberger to confirm the explosives accusation, Hamadi whispered in Arabic through his translator:

"That's true. A certain person in Lebanon asked me to take explosives into West Germany and to hide them. I did that."

"I don't know for what reason I brought them in. The person who asked me did not say," Hamadi told the top-security Frankfurt court in Preungesheim prison.

Hamadi said an official of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) and a translator appointed by it had continually threatened him and deprived him of basic rights during his 18 months in Preungesheim.

"I was forced to make confessions through pressure and continual threats," he said.

Hamadi said his interrogators woke him up every hour, day or night, deprived him of newspapers and any access to information and refused him a defense lawyer.

The interrogators, he said, tried to force him to admit that he was a member of the radical pro-Iranian group Hizbollah (Party of God) and to the explosives charges.

He said the interrogators told him "if you don't admit to both we will extradite you to the United States and we will step up the conditions of your torture captivity."