A poll released Saturday showed a majority of Arizona residents would vote to convict Governor Evan Mecham if they were sitting on the state Senate court of impeachment.

The poll, commissioned by KTAR Radio and KTVK-TV, also showed a majority of those responding believe the Senate should implement the "Dracula clause," which would bar Mecham from ever running again for public office in Arizona.Senators themselves will take up that issue this week, hearing closing arguments from the two sides on Monday. They then will vote on whether to remove Mecham from office, but Senate leaders did not know whether that vote would come late Monday or on Tuesday.

A total of 54 percent of respondents said they would vote to convict Mecham at the Senate impeachment trial, with 30 percent voting for acquittal and 16 percent not sure.

The numbers were even higher when asked about the charge that Mecham illegally loaned $80,000 dollars raised at his inauguration to his auto dealership. A total of 59 percent would convict him on that charge, while 30 percent would acquit him.