With well water levels at 80 percent of normal and levels of springs at 50 percent, Orem officials are urging residents not to "flush" the supply away.

Bruce Chesnut, city Water and Waste Water Division manager, is asking residents to cut water consumption by 20 percent."There is a potential for problems in July and August," he said. "Rather than have the city restrict water use, we prefer that residents be conscientious in their day-to-day water use," he said.

He offered the following water-saving tips:

-Be conservative with toilet flushes. Avoid using the toilet as a trash disposal.

-Check all plumbing, especially toilets and faucets, for leaks. Make repairs if needed.

-Reduce time in the shower. Consider replacing regular shower heads with low-volume heads or that restrict the flow.

-Fill the tub only half-full to bathe.

-Do not leave the water running while shaving or brushing teeth.

-Run washing machines and dishwashers only when they are full.

-When hand-washing dishes, wash and rinse in a tub of water rather than under running water.

-Keep a supply of drinking water cool in the refrigerator so thirsty family members will not run the faucet until water cools.

-Water lawns and gardens at cool times of the day when less water will be wasted in evaporation.

-Use water-retaining ditches and mulches to ensure less gardening water is wasted.

-Adjust sprinklers so they don't waste water on sidewalks, streets and houses.

-When washing cars, use a bucket. Use a running hose only to rinse.

-Don't hose down sidewalks and driveways; sweep them instead.