Superintendent Steven Baugh was sweating it out as he waited to conduct his first school board meeting Tuesday.

He fretted because he knew some minor adjustments would have to be made in the minutes from the last meeting, which he had worked on himself and wanted to be perfect. And then, moments before the the meeting was to begin - when he just wanted to sit quietly and think - a TV reporter cornered him for an interview.All he wanted was to "get through the meeting without a major wrinkle."

Somebody forgot to put "swearing in of the new superintendent" on the agenda, but the board took a vote and fixed that, so Baugh finally took the oath of office and got through his meeting with no memorable glitches.

The new superintendent actually began work July 1, and he's formed several new opinions about the job (see related story), but he doesn't regret accepting it.

"My emotions are running from, `I'm scared to death,' to, `This is a marvelous opportunity.' "