Mike Tyson's retirement may be even shorter than his usual pre-fight training period.

At a news conference in a Manhattan hotel on Monday, the undisputed heavyweight champion said his "retirement" would last one or two months and that Kevin Rooney may be out as his trainer. Tyson also confirmed that Donald Trump is his new advisor."I called this press conference to set the record straight. I call all the shots," Tyson said in a pink and mauve ballroom, surrounded by 46 pink spotlights, 22 candelabra and 28 ionic columns.

Tyson, who beat Michael Spinks two weeks ago to retain the title, was surrounded by Trump, attorney Michael Winston, wife Robin Givens, mother-in-law Ruth Roper and Rory Holloway, a long-time friend.

Thirteen days ago Tyson said he was quitting. "It's time to move on. Time to call it a day," he said then.

"I didn't say I was retiring," he said now. "I love fighting."

Tyson, who is 22, tentatively is scheduled to fight Frank Bruno this fall. He didn't talk about that fight but said he would box for about five more years.

Rooney was in the ballroom but left before the news conference started. Tyson said that Rooney, who has trained him since his start as an amateur, will be dropped if he sides with Bill Cayton in the litigation begun two weeks ago to break Cayton's managerial contract with Tyson.

"Anybody that goes against me can no longer be with me, can no longer be associated with me," Tyson said. "If somebody turns against me after eight years just because Bill Cayton signs the checks . . . "

Tyson said he had not spoken with Rooney. But he said he had heard through third parties that the trainer would side with Cayton, who became Tyson's sole manager when Jim Jacobs died earlier this year.

Tyson signed a four-year management contract with Cayton and Jacobs just before Jacobs died. Winston and Trump said Monday that Tyson was not represented by a lawyer when he agreed to the deal.

"Bill has got to be fair with the family," Trump said.

Tyson downplayed the role that Cayton had in his past, especially the negotiations for his television contract with Home Box Office.

"Without me he wouldn't have had a chance to put his foot in the door with HBO," Tyson said of the multi-fight deal.