Eight-year veteran Marc Wilson, the latest addition to the Green Bay Packers' quarterback corps, does not have the inside track on the starting position, Coach Lindy Infante said Monday.

Wilson, released after eight years with the Los Angeles Raiders, arrived in Green Bay Monday after signing a two-year contract for a reported $1.5 million.Infante and Wilson met in Atlanta about two weeks ago to discuss the opportunity with the Packers.

"I told him that we guaranteed nothing, that this is an opportunity for a guy to come in and play, that we had quarterbacks here that were candidates and he is one of those candidates now that he's signed," Infante said.

The Packers quarterback corps numbers six with the Monday release of David Walter, a free agent from Michigan Tech.

"I didn't sign with Green Bay to come here and think that I would not be the starter," Wilson said. "But I realize it's a competitive situation and I have a lot of respect for the other players that are here. I'm going to do the best that I can and hopefully that will work out."

Infante, in his first year with the Packers, said he already has talked to one quarterback to assure him that, even with the presence of the highly paid Wilson, the position was still open.

"As I've been saying since I took the job, it's wide open like every position on our football team," Infante said.

By studying game films, Infante said he found certain traits of Wilson that were well-suited to his offensive system. He was particularly impressed with Wilson's mobility despite his 6-foot-5, 210-pound frame.

Infante also said that in addition to possessing a strong arm with a good long ball, Wilson is adept at the short passing game and dumping off the ball. If Infante saw any flaws in Wilson, he didn't elaborate on them.

Wilson likes the notion that he is in Green Bay to make the Packers a winner.

"It's kind of nice that people feel that way. In L.A., some people didn't feel that way about me. I think that I do have something to add."