Tourists keep pouring into Bryce Canyon National Park in increasing numbers.

Latest available figures show that visitors increased by 25 percent during the first four months of 1988 compared with a year ago. This was the highest percentage increase among such recreation areas in Utah. Total visits were 71,699 since Jan. 1.Officials said that if the pace keeps up, the millionth visit of the year will come earlier than the 1987 date of Dec. 9.

All of Utah's national parks show increases, as are most the national monuments and recreation areas. Two have declined in visitors - Timpanogos Cave National Monument and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Visits at the national parks in Utah and percentages of increase include Arches National Park, 88,064, 11 percent; Canyonlands National Park, 39,286, 14 percent; Capitol Reef National Park, 73,078, 7 percent; and Zion National Park, 280,405, 13 percent.

Figures at national monuments and other federal recreation sites are: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, 514,193, 8 percent; Golden Spike National Historic Site, 6,821, 11 percent; Natural Bridges National Monument, 13,915, 10 percent; and Rainbow Bridge National Monument, 26,366, 13 percent.