Fire that broke out in a garage Monday morning spread to the houses on both sides of it before being extinguished by firefighters from both Murray and Salt Lake County.

Fire Chief Dean Larsen said barbecue ashes that were several days old started the fire.The garage, 4585 S. Boxelder St., was destroyed, as were two cars parked inside. Flames were lapping against the adjacent house when county firefighters arrived after receiving a call from a neighbor at 10:55 a.m. Radiant heat from the garage fire started the house directly south ablaze and caused extensive damage to that house, at 4593 S. Boxelder. Damage was estimated at $50,000.

"When we arrived the garage was fully involved," said county fire Capt. Jeff Maxfield. "We concentrated our efforts on the house."

Hall said the fire in the house where the garage was located was extinguished within 10 or 15 minutes. The other house burned much longer because firefighters had difficulty moving around inside because of what Hall called the "bulk of collectibles." Flames had reached the attic, which was also inaccessible because it was filled with storage.

Brent Rudd, who lives in the house where the garage was destroyed, said his mother-in-law was at home when the fire started but got out safely. Elvin Neuffer owns the house next door but was not home when it caught fire.

Rudd said the vehicles inside the garage were worth at least $3,000. Hall said damage to the Rudd house would amount probably to $4,000 to $6,000, not including the garage.