Two men accused of firing a shotgun at a state wildlife officer pleaded not guilty Monday in 5th District Court to aggravated assault and multiple related criminal charges.

Judge J. Philip Eves was to set a trial date within a week, a court clerk said.

Kenneth Lee Randall, 42, and Milford Renner, 41, both of Pinto, Washington County, were arrested June 9 after fish and game officer Doug Messerly was fired on while investigating the site of an abandoned vehicle.

The Washington County attorney's office reduced the original attempted murder charges, filed in Iron County, to aggravated assault because the shotgun was fired more than 100 yards away from Messerly, prosecutor Brent Langston said.

Randall has also been charged with evidence tampering, possession of a weapon, production of marijuana, drunk driving, driving with an expired registration and interfering or intimidating an officer.

Renner was charged with production of marijuana, carrying a loaded weapon, interfering or intimidating an officer and failure to respond to an officer's command to stop.

Authorities said Messerly tried to question the two men about the deserted vehicle and was fired on when he approached their cabin.