A 20-year-old Swiss vacationer was recovering Monday after she was gored while trying to take a picture of a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

Yvette Muller, 20, of Basel, Switzerland, got out of her car Sunday afternoon near Canyon to photograph a bull that was grazing near the road, according to Yellowstone spokeswoman Joan Anzelmo.Witnesses told rangers that the woman got within 10 feet of the bison, which then charged and gored her in the right buttock, said Anzelmo.

Muller was taken to Lake Hospital where she was treated for a puncture wound and kept overnight for observation, said the spokeswoman.

The goring was the first reported in the park this summer.

Although tourists entering the park are given brochures cautioning them against getting too close to wildlife, park officials on Monday again emphasized that all animals in Yellowstone are wild and potentially dangerous.