Residents in Farmington and surrounding areas voted overwhelmingly last week to approve a bond election that officials say will save the Farmington Area Pressurized Irrigation District nearly $2 million.

All 227 of the votes cast were in favor of the bond."I've been around politics for quite a while and I've never seen a vote like this," said Aaron Richards, general manager of the district. Richards said the people voted for the bond because it was going to save them money, unlike most other bond elections.

The district took out a loan several years ago with the federal government to help install badly needed irrigation facilities for the Farmington area. The loan would have cost more than $4 million over the next several years, but the government offered the district a substantial discount to "buy back" the loan.

Richards said the vote permits the district to proceed with the purchase of the general obligation bond. It will be repaid through revenues from the district's operation.