News reporting on KALL radio (AM-910) and also KUTV (Ch. 2) should begin improving significantly this month, thanks to a relocation by KALL radio's news department into the KUTV building.

KALL (AM-910)/KLCY (FM-94.1) station manager Jan Bagley said the radio station's recent move across the valley to KUTV benefits both radio and TV stations since the two news staffs can now work together on the same stories. (KALL and KUTV are sister stations, owned by the same company.)"When the television news reporters find themselves in a short manpower situation, they can send out a radio reporter who can cover for both," Bagley said. "The same works for us, and it actually means quadrupling the present KALL news staff of five one-air reporters."

The new studio, at 2185 S. 3600 West, has the latest technology for information access. Personalities and music for KALL and KLCY will continue to originate from South Temple, but news will be sent out from the KUTV building.

Does this additional news power mean that KALL, which will celebrate its 45th birthday in October, is leaning toward an all-news or information format?

"We have no plans to follow a total news format," Bagley said. "KALL is known as a full-service radio station with personalities, news, weather, music, sports, traffic updates and a variety of other features, including John Berg and his `How-To' shows."

Bagley did indicate that KALL may add some additional news blocks and segments to its programming, so that it can take advantage of the increased work force. Sister station KLCY will probably make no additions to its news programming.

"KALL has established itself with a very unique style. We're going to continue being a station with a lot of character and intelligence," Bagley said. "We'll make quality improvements such as this one along the way."

Since KSL radio has had long-time access to its sister TV station (also named KSL), KALL's new news operation will help even the score.