"Like mother, like daughter" has a special meaning to Janice Weinheimer and Julie Hills.

Weinheimer, South Jordan, gave birth to nine children - a single girl; a set of twins (boy and girl); twin boys; triplets, and a single girl.All nine were born within a 10-year period.

Her daughter Julie is now following tradition.

Hills, of Provo, has delivered a single girl, and then in June gave birth to a set of twins - a boy and girl.

Hills, who wants more children, has informed her family, "If I have another set of twins, I am quitting."

Her mom identifies with her sentiments.

After Weinheimer's second set of twins, her husband, Gerald, announced, "That's it," and gave away her maternity clothes. Some months later, she gave birth to triplets.

She kiddingly reminds her daughter that if she had followed dad's order, Julie wouldn't have been born. She was one of the triplets.

Ironically, multiple births do not run in the family.