Bela Karolyi already had given up his dream to be the national coach of the U.S. women's gymnastics team.

Now he's resigned as head of the gymnastics delegation to the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea, following a stormy meeting of coaches at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships."I'm not turning my back like a child because I'm getting mad or upset with somebody," Karolyi said Sunday.

"But I did realize at that moment there could be no reason to my going over there to coordinate and exercise my power as a delegation leader with people who are refusing to get it."

Karolyi has feuded with the leaders of women's gymnastics over control of the on-floor activities at Olympic Games.

His position as head of the delegation did not allow him to be on the floor during the games to confer with the gymnasts.

Karolyi said he decided to resign his position with the team at a meeting Saturday when Olympic women's assistnat Coach Tom McCarthy stood up and asked "Why do we need this guy?"

Olympic women's head coach Don Peters labeled Karolyi's resignation to United States Gymnastics executive director Mike Jacki a misunderstanding.

"I think Bela misinterpreted what people were saying and got angry," Peters said. "I hope he reconsiders."

Jacki says he'll force Karolyi to reconsider.

"I'm not going to accept it. It's just something I have to sit down with Bela and work out," Jacki said. "He is a very important spoke in our wheel and we need a complete wheel."

Kritsie Phillips, who left Karolyi's gym but returned earlier this year, was first and strongest in her coach's defense.

"I think they are being unfair to him," Phillips said. "He's trained most of the top gymnasts and he deserves it. The teams in Europe are afraid of Bela because they know he's the best."

Chelle Stack, another Karolyi pupil, said "It will affect me if he's not there and it will affect the team because he trained most of the team."