Two of Utah's five members of Congress will be traveling during the congressional Easter recess that began Friday Sen. Jake Garn is heading to the Far East and Rep. Wayne Owens to the Middle East.

Garn will accompany industrialist and gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman to Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand on the 10-day trip. A Garn spokesman said the trip was planned in January and that the senator was keeping a promise he made to Huntsman then. "He is also keeping his commitments to head Gov. (Norm) Bangerter's campaign," the aide said.Huntsman, who jumped into the GOP governor's race two weeks ago, said he and Garn will meet with the new president of Taiwan in ceremonies to dedicate a new Huntsman Chemical Co. facility in the island nation. "My main effort with the president and his ministers will be to bring jobs to Utah, kind of a reciprocation for us bringing jobs to his country," Huntsman said.

Democratic Rep. Wayne Owens will visit Israel, Jordan and other middle-eastern nations under the auspices of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

Republican Rep. Howard Nielson plans to spend Easter with family members in Pennsylvania before flying to Utah. Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Jim Hansen will spend the recess in the state. Hansen has a series of town meetings, and Hatch will be preparing his re-election campaign.