The Easter Bunny will have an hour less time than usual to do his work Saturday night.

The annual shift to daylight-saving time takes place this weekend. And if it seems like daylight-saving time comes around earlier than it used to, you're right.As the result of a law passed by Congress in 1986, the time change now comes the first Sunday of April instead of the last. This is the second spring the new date has been in effect.

Since the switchover this year falls on Easter as well as LDS General Conference weekend, people who plan to participate in special activities or observances should be extra sure to set their clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

Otherwise, you'll be an hour late for everything Sunday.

The net result is an extra hour of daylight in the evenings for yard work, sports and other summer activities. It's a trade-off, though, for early risers who were just getting used to going to work in daylight and will now be in darkness again.