Which congressional district is the richest? Poorest? Which has the most English, Polish, Irish, Hispanic, German, French or Native American descendants?

The Joint Center for Political Studies here matched data from the Census Bureau with the 435 congressional districts to find out.Here's what they found:

Richest: New York's 15th congressional district, representing Manhattan's East Side, which also has the highest population density and the fewest married-couple families. The East Side is followed by California's 23rd, Beverly Hills, and Texas' 7th, northwest Houston.

Most English: Utah's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, representing Ogden, Salt Lake City and Provo.

Historians note that after Joseph Smith founded The Church of Latter-day Saints, LDS missionaries recruited first in England for settlers to populate Utah. The Joint Center's study notes Ogden and Provo also were among the top five congressional districts supporting Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Most Hispanic: Texas' 15th, McAllen; followed by California's 25th, East Los Angeles; Texas' 20th, San Antonio.

Most Asian: Hawaii's only two districts, California's 5th, San Francisco.

Most Native American: New Mexico's 3rd, Santa Fe; Alaska's statewide district; Arizona's 4th, Phoenix-Scottsdale.

Most Irish: Massachusetts' 11th, Boston-Quincy-Brockton; Pennsylvania's 7th, Haverford; Massachusetts' 7th, Medford-Malden.

Most French: Louisiana's 7th, Lake Charles; Louisiana's 3rd Metairie; Vermont's at large congressional district.

Most Italian: New York's 14th, Staten Island; New Jersey's 11th, Essex County; New York's 2nd, Babylon-Islip.

Most German: Wisconsin's 6th, Oshkosh; Wisconsin's 9th, Sheboygan; Iowa's 2nd, Cedar Rapids.

Most Polish: Wisconsin's 4th, South Milwaukee; New York's 33rd, Buffalo; Michigan's 14th, Detroit-Sterling Heights.

Poorest: New York's 18th, South Bronx; New York's 11th, Bedford-Stuyvesant; Mississippi's 2nd, Delta region. These districts also have the most persons in poverty.

Fewest percentage in poverty: Illinois' 13th, west suburban Chicago; Illinois' 6th, Des Plaines; Michigan's 18th, Farmington Hills.

Most homeowners: New York's 4th, Oyster Bay; New Jersey's 13th, Cherry Hill; New Jersey's 5th, North Bergen County.

Fewest homeowners: New York's 16th, Harlem; New York's 18th, South Bronx; New York's 17th, West Side Manhattan.

Most blue collar: North Carolina's 10th, Gastonia; Alabama's 4th, Gadsden; North Carolina's 8th, Salisbury.

Most college educated: Maryland's 8th, Montgomery County, suburban Washington; Texas' 3rd, North Dallas; Virginia's 10th, Arlington-Fairfax County, suburban Washington.

Fewest college educated: New York's 18th, South Bronx; Kentucky's 5th, Harlan-Somerset; Kentucky's 7th, Ashland.