The bounty isn't dead in the Old West.

Far from it.The McKay-Dee Hospital administration has guaranteed a $250 bonus to any employee who recruits a nurse.

Jack McLellan, assistant administrator/human resources, said there are only a few conditions: the nurse must be registered and must work at the hospital for at least six months in order for the employee to cash in on the dough. Recruits cannot be student nurses.

The monetary incentive, said McLellan, is in direct response to the nursing shortage - the worst in state history.

"Friends have friends all over, and it just is an enticement for them to talk their friends into coming to the area," he said.

Since the bonus program was initiated, an estimated 15 nurses have been recruited. More are needed.

"Even though we pick many of the graduating nursing students from Weber College, we still need experienced nurses in the intensive-care unit and other specialty units," McLellan said.