Dale J. Stevens, a professor of geography at Brigham Young University, has been appointed chairman of the geography department in the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences.

"Dr. Stevens is an excellent teacher with research interests in physical geography and climatology," says Richard H. Jackson, associate dean of the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences. "He brings a lot of experience to his new position."Stevens' appointment will be effective at the beginning of fall semester this year.

In 1979, Stevens began work to establish an official weather station on the BYU campus. One year later, a weather station was built with the intent to make the facilities available to any researcher on campus. The station now is recognized as the official United State Weather Service Station in Provo.

Stevens also has done extensive research on natural arch and bridge formations in southeastern Utah. He is preparing to publish a book about his studies that will include maps of the arch and bridge locations that Stevens charted himself.