Utah Democrats attending the National Democratic Convention in Atlanta later this month plan to do a little selling - the selling of Utah, that is.

Thursday evening delegates met to be briefed on the convention and to elect a delegation chairman. They picked former state Democratic chairman Pat Shea, and Shea said he has a plan for the convention."Each day we're going to have a drawing and give away, to delegates from other states, various items that will encourage them to visit Utah," Shea said.

For example, Shea will get free ski passes and hotel room stays donated by local businessmen. Other items, like Utah Jazz hats and "Pretty, Great State" buttons will also be given out.

Shea asked each of the 28 delegates and eight alternates to volunteer to handle two state delegations. Each day the Utah delegate will walk through his or her delegations and ask the members to fill out a card for the drawing. He hopes that enough free items will be donated so each state delegation will have one winner a day.

"We'll give all the cards to the Utah Travel Council and ask them to follow up in encouraging those who enter to visit here. We could get thousands of Democrats visiting Utah over the next several years," Shea said.

Randy Horiuchi, Utah Democratic Party chairman, urged the delegates and alternates to talk to as many delegates from other states as possible.

"They're political junkies just like you. Share ideas and strategies with them. We can use all the advice we can get," he said.

Shea asked the Utah delegates to ask for any stories delegates from other states have heard about Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Utah's other GOP congressmen. "We'll pass these stories along to Brian Moss (Hatch's Democratic opponent) and our other candidates (for political use)," said Horiuchi.

The Utah delegates also picked Jill Remington, a Michael Dukakis delegate, and Marvin Davis, a Jesse Jackson delegate, as delegation vice chairmen and former Govs. Calvin Rampton and Scott M. Matheson as honorary delegation chairmen.

The delegates are: Betty Condie, Nick Floros, Janet Rose, Pete Suazo, Ann Wise, Lynette Grow, Bonnie Kilgannon, Michael Lyons, George Stavros, Beverly White, Jeanne DePaulis, Ruby Hammel, Mike Dmitrich, Scott Johansen, Karen Mayne, Lucille Taylor, Norma Matheson, Elizabeth Willey, Palmer DePaulis, Art Monson, Ella Westley, Wayne Owens, Matheson, Rampton, Davis, Remington, Horiuchi and Shea.

The alternates are: Bruce Baird, W. Rex Black, Mary Oakley, Connie Meske-Stavros, Jamie Stewart, Wendy Rice, Ronald Yengich and Ed Mayne.