A 3rd District judge, saying he is tired of the long dispute between a former University of Utah graduate psychology student and the school, has ordered both parties to try and settle their differences.

Judge John Rokich on Friday said only if the parties cannot settle their differences will he get involved.He ordered that Alan Zeltserman, 31, Boston, be allowed on campus to retrieve personal possessions and must be accompanied by his attorney and a school official. Any other business Zeltserman has with the school must be conducted through lawyers, Rokich said.

The dispute has become a long-running battle between the university and Zeltserman, who was the subject of an eviction order last month.

The attempt to oust Zeltserman was a result of allegations citing him with more than 20 incidents of unspecified "inappropriate behavior" officials said created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation among his campus housing neighbors.

They refused to elaborate on the incidents, citing a pending civil suit.

But Zeltserman claims he has been the target of constant harassment by school officials and campus police because he stood up to what he said is their abuse of authority.

A $100,000 suit filed by the student for alleged violations of his civil rights prevented the university from evicting him before the end of the quarter in June. He then moved out.

But problems continued this week, Zeltserman said, when campus police arrested him while he was trying to obtain his transcripts.

University Police Chief Wayne Shephard said Zeltserman was reported on campus after he had been issued a verbal warning Tuesday that it was off limits for 72 hours because he had allegedly caused a disturbance.

Zeltserman was jailed for 36 hours before being released.

Zeltserman maintains the "disturbance" was the fault of staff members who refused to provide his transcripts and called police when he persisted in trying to obtain them.