Heritage, pride, and freedom were the central themes at the rededication of the Swiss exhibit in the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City Saturday.

The well-manicured landscape of the exhibit, along with the freshly painted 50-foot replica of Switzerland's most famous peak, the Matterhorn, were on display for the crowd that gathered for the occasion. A new flag sent directly from the mother country was raised to begin the festivities.On hand for the ceremony were Mayor Palmer Depaulis, Gov. Norm Bangerter, Elder Wm. Grant Bangerter of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Swiss Consul Wilford Lieber. All took turns praising the garden and the work of Charles Krauser, supervisor of the 4-year renovation.

"When we look over this peace garden, we can think of our heritage and how we came together in this melting pot as Americans," said Gov. Bangerter. "As we meet here today, we should think of that heritage and the sacrifices that brought us here as well as the sacrifices ahead of us."

DePaulis added his comments on what the park means to the city's residents.

"It's important to have within the urban fabric a place where people can gather and become refreshed again," he said. "But this park is not only a place of peace and quiet and a place to enjoy relaxation, but a place to make us look forward to the future in an international way. We are here to celebrate our diverse nationalities."