The Salt Lake City attorney's office is giving motorists a chance to inform on unauthorized people who park their cars in any parking space in the city reserved for handicapped drivers.

"The handicapped parking enforcement program is a means to promote adherence to the handicapped parking ordinance," said City Attorney Roger Cutler."Any citizen who sees a vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space without a state placard or special handicapped license plate can make a citizen's complaint," Cutler said.

Complaint forms obtainable through the city's Community Affairs office allow motorists to record information on offending drivers, said Becky Sanchez, community affairs coordinator.

Using the complaints, city prosecutors will check's the driver's record for past violations.

"If this is a first handicapped parking violation, a warning letter will be sent to the vehicle owner," Cutler said. "Information explaining how to obtain a special handicapped license plate also will be sent."

But, if the vehicle owner has been cited for previous violations, Cutler said, "the city will prosecute. The citizen who made the complaint also will need to testify."

However, the city prosecutor said, the first warning letter will probably "prevent a second violation and a court hearing."

The complaint forms include spaces to identify the vehicle, its license number, the location and date of the violation, and how the handicapped parking area was marked.