Twelve-year-old Scot Ralph of Farmington has received the Boy Scouts of America's second-highest award from Gov. Norm Bangerter for saving the life of his father.

The governor presented the youth with the Medal of Heroism Friday during ceremonies at the governor's office. He was honored for using emergency first aid techniques to save his father's life last January.The boy's father, Dr. James Ralph, was shoveling snow in his driveway when his car's emergency break slipped and the vehicle rolled down the driveway, striking Ralph and carrying him across the street where it pinned him against a neighbor's garage.

He was able to crawl to the car's door, where he reached in and honked the horn for help. Scott heard the beeps, saw what happened, called an ambulance and grabbed a blanket.

He wrapped his father with the blanket and positioned him comfortably to prevent shock.

Physicians, who treated the father for a shattered leg and hip, internal bleeding and rib and head injuries, commended Scott for his efforts in keeping the patient warm and comfortable to prevent shivering that would have worsened the bleeding.