Toker Timothy Many Hats came down out of the Uinta Mountains Wednesday so he could fly to Denver with the Weber County Commissioners in an effort to entice outsiders to come to Ogden for conventions.

Toker is well known around Ogden. He can be seen and heard at Fort Buenaventura telling stories or at street festivals, garbed in one of his mountain man outfits.The 46-year-old man lives most of the time in the Uinta Mountains, where he traps small animals through the winter and takes it easy most of the summer.

He lives alone in a small cabin, and he said he finds companionship with many dogs.

"I enjoy this life, and I have all the pleasures of life," he explained.

He came to Ogden Wednesday so he could travel to Colorado with the commissioners for an economic development convention. He said he plans to tell tales to convention-goers, and he hopes they in turn will find Ogden a positive place to hold future conventions.

He loves telling people stories about his life and adventures. And an upcoming adventure will be flying for his first time.

"I don't know quite what to expect," the blue-eyed, brown-haired man said with a slight French Canadian accent.

Before he left to prepare for his latest adventure, he couldn't resist telling one of his stories.

Toker said he once had one of those days when everything went wrong.

"Even I've had bad days," he explained.

Anyway, Toker had been fishing for a long time that day when he decided to rest. He fell asleep.

When he woke up, he said he came face to face with the meanest, blackest animal he had ever seen. He said the beast had green and yellow and ugly eyes and a dangerous, threatening mouth.

Toker said the animal stepped closer, so he reached for his rifle. When he realized his rifle wasn't there, he reached for his pistol. Again he discovered he had no weapon.

So he said he looked at the beast square in the face and said, "My name is Toker Timothy Many Hats and I fear no man or beast and I will kill this animal with my bare hands.

Toker said the next thing he knew his hand went snap, and he killed the little black fly which had landed on his nose.