Utah's uneployment rate dropped to 5 percent in June, the lowest figure in the 1980s, the Department of Employment Security says.

The June rate, one-tenth of a point lower than May's, arks a continuing 1988 trend of falling joblessness, said Job Service analyst Ray Sargent.

Since the end of 1987, uneployment has dropped by nearly a full percentage point, while the new rate is 1.7 percentage points lower than that of June 1987, he said.

About 37,100 Utahns were without work in June, but the nuber of unemployed workers plummeted by 14,500, or 28 percent, since June of last year, Sargent said.

The non-far employment total of 645,300 is an increase of 10,200 jobs, or 1.6 percent, since last June, he said.

Sargent said 8,200 new jobs in the service industry and 4,800 in anufacturing were responsible for most of the state's job growth.

Transportation, comunications, utilities and local government also improved, but construction employment has dropped considerably from a year ago, Sargent said.