Salt Lake County will wait to see whether Murray annexes part of Bennion before authorizing an incorporation election requested by Bennion residents who want their area to become a city.

But despite that decision, county commissioners have agreed to move ahead as quickly as possible with a study to determine how incorporation would affect Bennion residents.The county attorney's office has determined a Bennion incorporation petition has enough signatures to be valid, and that an election can be legally held despite voters' rejection last March of an effort to make Taylorsville-Bennion a city.

However, the area that petitioners want to incorporate - generally bounded by 54th South on the north, West Jordan on the south, Murray on the east and 40th West on the west - is partially overlapped by an annexation request Murray is considering.

The Murray request shares three boundaries with the area covered by the incorporation petition but would extend only to Redwood Road on the west.

Commissioners agree that the Murray annexation request should be decided before another incorporation vote is held. But they want a feasibility study of incorporation done anyway.

"It would be nice if people in the (overlapping) area could see both (annexation and incorporation) studies before the Murray City public hearings," said Commission Chairman Bart Barker.

Barker, who lives in Bennion, called the annexation or incorporation question a no-lose situation for Bennion residents.