"Network," an award-winning Utah magazine with a feminist philosophy, startled readers this week with an April Fools' issue that featured a cover photo of the magazine's editor in a leather miniskirt.

Editor Karen Shepherd wrote a biting editorial recently calling the trend toward miniskirts an attempt to undermine women's growing status in the workplace. In this month's issue, she silences any snipers who may have claimed Shepherd didn't like the miniskirt because she didn't have the legs for them.Shepherd's comely gams were the magazine's introduction to its April Fools' spoof on sexism.

"Shelley Thomas recently opened Shelley's Bowling Alley and Tanning Salon in Magna in an effort to counteract the `yuppie' syndrome that has plagued her in recent years," the magazine said. " `I'm excited about the expansion possibilities,' says Thomas, who plans to open a bar in the bowling alley in a couple of months. Prior to this endeavor, Thomas was anchor of the 10 o'clock newson KSL Channel 5."

According to the April issue, Jinnah Kelson, executive director of the Phoenix Institute, quit her job to accept a position as a personal shopper and seasonal color analyst with Weinstocks.

"Finally I can be doing something for girls that is really meaningful," Kelson is quoted as saying.

The magazine also took shots at a few political bosses.

"Orrin Hatch was recently appointed honorary president of Planned Parenthood," the magazine said.

Democratic Chairman Randy Horiuchi, who has been under fire for conflict of interest, took it on the chin.

"Randy Horiuchi recently became a paid lobbyist for Dow Chemical," the magazine said. "He says that the responsibilities in his new position do not present conflict of interest with his democratic ideals. `I have always been fascinated by lobbyists' ability to convey their message so succinctly.' " Horiuchi is quoted as saying.

The magazine also lampooned Grant Affleck, David Monson and Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham.