As Told By Ginger: Far From Home (6 p.m., Nick): This 90-minute movie finds our animated heroine spending a semester at a boarding school.

Just Shoot Me (7 and 7:30 p.m., Ch. 5): A pair of new episodes.

American Masters (7 p.m., Ch. 7): Joni Mitchell is profiled.

Wild Card (7 p.m., Lifetime): Zoe takes on her first official investigation.

1-800-Missing (8 p.m., Lifetime): An investigator disappears.

Soundstage (9 p.m., Ch. 7): Chicago performs.

Sunday on TV

Futurama (6 p.m., Ch. 13): This superior animated series — ignored and abused by Fox programmers for five years — airs its final episodes. At least you can catch all the episodes on the Cartoon Network, which actually seems to appreciate the show.

American Experience (6:30 p.m., Ch. 7): The real story of the racehorse Seabiscuit.

The Simpsons (7 p.m., Ch. 13): The family dog becomes the Duff Beer mascot. (Repeat)

Stephen King's Storm of the Century (8 p.m., Ch. 4): Very good three-part TV movie that King wrote especially for TV. Continues Monday. (Repeat)

Broadway's Lost Treasures (8 p.m., Ch. 7): Showstopping numbers from 17 productions between 1967 and 1986.

Malcolm In the Middle (8 and 8:30 p.m., Ch. 13): A pair of repeats.

The Restaurant (9 p.m., Ch. 5): Rocco tries to right his sinking ship.