Emilio Morenatti, Associated Press
UK investigates 'network' of alleged Manchester attackers
British security forces raided a building Wednesday in central Manchester as they investigated "a network" of people allegedly behind the city's concert bombing.
Jit Lim, Fotolia via Adobe Stock
Oregon House approves joining National Popular Vote movement
Oregon came one step closer this week to joining a national agreement that, should enough states eventually come on board, would effectively dislodge the Electoral College's power and allow the people to elect the U.S. president by popular vote.
Al Grillo, Associated Press
Major sponsor pulls support from Alaska's Iditarod race
The world's most famous sled dog race has lost a major backer, and Alaska race officials are blaming animal rights organizations for pressuring corporate sponsors outside the state like Wells Fargo with "manipulative information" about the treatment of the dogs.