Unions make push to recruit immigrants affected by president's recent action

Unions are reaching out to immigrants affected by President Barack Obama's recent executive action

Deportations down 20 percent, fewest since 2007

President Barack Obama has quietly slowed deportations by nearly 20 percent while delaying plans to act on his own potentially to shield millions of immigrants from expulsion. Read more »

Sept. 12, 2014


Border Patrol: Leave law enforcement to the pros

Since illegal immigration spiked in the Rio Grande Valley this summer, the Border Patrol has dispatched more agents, the Texas Department of Public Safety has sent more troopers and Gov. Rick Perry... Read more »

Sept. 7, 2014


Analysis: Politics trump promises on immigration

For years, President Barack Obama berated Republicans for putting their own political interests ahead of good policy on immigration. In two successive presidential campaigns, he held up... Read more »

Sept. 7, 2014


Obama defends decision to delay immigration action until after the election

President Barack Obama is defending his decision to delay taking executive action on immigration until after November's congressional elections. Read more »

Sept. 7, 2014


Obama to delay executive action on immigration until after November elections

Abandoning his pledge to act by the end of summer, President Barack Obama has decided to delay any executive action on immigration until after the November congressional elections, White House... Read more »

Sept. 6, 2014


Obama lays out immigration goals, not timing

Leaving his timing uncertain, President Barack Obama laid out ambitious objectives Friday for immigration steps he intends to take on his own and said he had already received some recommendations... Read more »

Sept. 5, 2014


Number of child immigrants at border declining

The number of immigrant children caught alone illegally crossing the Mexican border into the United States is continuing to drop. Read more »

Sept. 3, 2014


Three Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

North Korea gave foreign media access on Monday to three detained Americans who said they have been able to contact their families and — watched by officials as they spoke — called for... Read more »

Sept. 1, 2014


Obama's delay on immigration creates uncertainty

President Barack Obama's possible delay in taking action on immigration has thrown advocates and lawmakers from both parties a curveball, barely two months before the midterm elections. Read more »

Aug. 30, 2014


Mexico authorities stage midnight migrant raid

The lumbering freight train known as "The Beast," a key part of the route for migrants heading north to the United States, rolled to an abrupt, unscheduled stop in the black of midnight. Read more »

Aug. 29, 2014


Germany plans to tighten EU migration rules

The German government proposed measures Wednesday to tighten migration regulations for citizens from elsewhere in the European Union amid accusations of welfare abuse by poor immigrants from... Read more »

Aug. 27, 2014

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Deported Mexicans find new life at call centers

Henry Monterroso is a foreigner in his own country. Raised in California from the age of 5, he was deported to Mexico in 2011 and found himself in a land he barely knew. Read more »

Aug. 22, 2014


Possible immigration rift for President Obama with Democrats

President Barack Obama is facing potential rifts with members of his own party in tough re-election contests as he barrels toward a fall fight with Republicans over his ability to change... Read more »

Aug. 16, 2014

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US sees surge in Cuban rafters aiming for Florida

Coast Guard officials and social workers are seeing many more Cubans risk their lives on homemade rafts to reach the U.S. this year. Read more »

Aug. 15, 2014


Immigrants want declaration agents acted illegally

When federal immigration agents surrounded a south Nashville apartment and began banging on doors, the men inside were within their rights to turn off the lights and refuse to answer. The officers did not have warrants, either to... Read more »

Aug. 15, 2014


Armed bicyclist has been deported 5 times, police say

A man arrested Tuesday for allegedly riding a bicycle with a gun tucked in his waistband has been deported five times, according to police. Read more »

Aug. 13, 2014


Deadline to clear up health law eligibility near

Hundreds of thousands of people who signed up under the new health care law risk losing their taxpayer-subsidized insurance unless they act quickly to resolve questions about their citizenship or... Read more »

Aug. 12, 2014

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Honduran teens, mom navigate life after US reunion

The mother arrived early at Miami International Airport, pacing the baggage claim hall until, at last, she spotted her. Read more »

Aug. 11, 2014

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Government closing emergency child immigrant shelters

The U.S. government is closing emergency shelters at military base shelters in Texas, Oklahoma and California being used to temporarily house unaccompanied immigrant children caught crossing the... Read more »

Aug. 4, 2014


House OKs bill to address border crisis

House Republicans passed legislation late Friday to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border by sending migrant youths back home without hearings, after winning over conservatives with tough... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2014


House GOP weighs tough new immigration bills

House Republicans pushed legislation on Friday that could clear the way for eventual deportation of more than 500,000 immigrants brought here illegally as kids and address the surge of immigrants... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2014


Colorado to begin offering licenses for immigrants

Thousands of immigrants have signed up to take advantage of a Colorado law that allows them to get drivers' licenses and identification cards beginning Friday, a heavy demand causing frustration... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2014

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112 arrested at protest against US deportations

Immigrant activists and religious leaders massed outside the White House on Thursday to protest against U.S. policies on deporting migrants in the country illegally, and police arrested 112... Read more »

July 31, 2014


House leaders abandon border bill

The House has abandoned a vote on legislation to address the immigration crisis on the border after tea partyers withdrew their support in a dispute over a separate measure on deportations. Read more »

July 31, 2014


Congress races to finish veterans, highway bills

Congress is racing to wrap up legislation addressing chronic problems at the Veterans Affairs Department and a shortfall in highway money ahead of its five-week summer break. Deep divisions cast... Read more »

July 31, 2014


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