Trump dumps insults on those who question him, insists on control

For Donald Trump, the joy of the insult seems as compelling as the art of the deal.

SF sheriff defends prior release of suspect in pier slaying

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has defended his office's decision to release a Mexican man who was in the U.S. illegally and who is now suspected in the killing of a woman at a sightseeing pier. Read more »

July 8, 2015


Lawmakers criticize feds for failing to deport immigrant with multiple felony convictions, outstanding drug warrant

Lawmakers criticized federal officials Tuesday for failing to deport an immigrant with multiple felony convictions and an outstanding drug warrant who allegedly went on to murder a woman in San... Read more »

July 7, 2015


Donald Trump isn't backing away from immigrant comments

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stood firm Monday on his description of Mexican immigrants as criminals. Read more »

July 6, 2015


San Francisco status as 'sanctuary' criticized after slaying

The killing of a woman at a sightseeing pier has brought criticism down on this liberal city because the Mexican man under arrest was in the U.S. illegally, had been deported five times and was out... Read more »

July 6, 2015

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Slain woman's parents focused on healing, not on accused man having been deported 5 times

The parents of a woman killed at a San Francisco pier say they are focused on healing and not on the fact that the man accused of shooting her has been deported five times. Read more »

July 4, 2015

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Immigrant children given adult dose of hepatitis A vaccine

About 250 immigrant children were given an adult dose of a hepatitis A vaccine at a Texas detention facility where they were being held with their mothers, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs... Read more »

July 4, 2015


A year on, children caught on border struggle to stay, adapt

At 1-year-old, a wide-eyed, restless Joshua Tinoco faces the prospect of deportation to his native Honduras, one of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children who arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border... Read more »

July 4, 2015

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EU's broken asylum system allows free movement for migrants

ociated Press has spent months tracking a group of West Africans as they migrated illegally across Europe, confronting officialdom many times along the way but never effectively stopped, only... Read more »

June 26, 2015


Feds call for end of long-term detention of migrant families

Federal officials plan to end the long-term detention of hundreds of migrant families who are being held mainly at two large facilities in Texas, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced... Read more »

June 24, 2015

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Once lacking, Jersey City now a model for police diversity

years, Jersey City's police department has gone from having just one ranking black officer to being looked at by other cities as a model for rapid diversification. Read more »

June 24, 2015


Mexico deports more Central Americans than the United States

Mexico now deports more Central American migrants than the United States, a dramatic shift since the U.S. asked Mexico for help a year ago with a spike in illegal migration, especially among... Read more »

June 18, 2015


Thousands brace for deportations in Dominican Republic

Thousands of people braced Thursday for deportation from the Dominican Republic after failing to obtain legal residency as part of a government program to crack down on migrants. Read more »

June 18, 2015


Experts meet in Paris to tackle growing document fraud

Criminal networks are busier than ever faking, forging and doctoring travel documents, identity papers, drivers' licenses and social security cards, authorities say. Read more »

June 11, 2015


Immigrant family detention centers face uncertain future

After tens of thousands of migrant families, most from Central America, crossed the Rio Grande into Texas last summer, the government poured millions of dollars into two large detention centers... Read more »

June 7, 2015


California considers health coverage for immigrant kids

The California Senate on Tuesday approved legislation that would make the state the first in the nation to extend health coverage to children who are in the country illegally and seek federal... Read more »

June 2, 2015


Utahns cheer, jeer appeals court's refusal to lift injunction on Obama's executive order on immigration

Utah Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee applauded a federal judicial panel's refusal to lift an injunction of Obama's latest executive order on immigration, but local advocates say the... Read more »

May 27, 2015


Appeals panel won't lift hold on Obama immigration action

A federal appeals court refused Tuesday to lift a temporary hold on President Barack Obama's executive action that could shield as many as 5 million immigrants illegally living in the U.S. from... Read more »

May 26, 2015


Malaysian forensics teams dig up graves at traffickers' camp

Malaysian forensics teams exhumed a body from a shallow grave Tuesday at an abandoned jungle camp used by human traffickers, the first of what police predicted would be more grim findings as they... Read more »

May 26, 2015


Photo gallery: 100 immigrants become U.S. citizens

One hundred immigrants, from 40 countries, took the oath of allegiance and became U.S. citizens Friday at the U.S. District Courthouse in Salt Lake City. Read more »

May 22, 2015


UK's Cameron announces new plans as UK immigration rises

Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday announced plans to crack down on illegal immigration and tighten Britain's borders as new official figures showed a significant rise in the number of... Read more »

May 21, 2015


House passes $612 billion defense bill opposed by Obama

The House has passed a nearly $612 billion defense policy bill despite a veto threat by President Barack Obama. Read more »

May 15, 2015


Bishops anticipate message from pope on immigrant detention

Catholic bishops called Monday for the federal government's immigrant detention system to be dismantled, and predicted Pope Francis would address the issue when he visits the U.S. this fall. Read more »

May 11, 2015


Activists use Clinton immigration stance to pressure Obama

Immigration activists are trying to use Hillary Rodham Clinton's stance on immigration to pressure President Barack Obama to do more for immigrants. Read more »

May 11, 2015


French radio station takes on new role after Paris attacks

It's called "Beur FM" — after a slang term for Arab people — and has become the voice of France's Islamic community in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Read more »

May 10, 2015


AP-GfK Poll: Republicans open to softer immigration policy

Americans appear open to a softer immigration policy than Republican presidential candidates have preached in the past. Even a majority of Republicans in the country can see themselves voting for... Read more »

May 7, 2015


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