Welcome, Mr. President — please see Utah as a pretty, great state, not just a flyover state

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  • James E Tooele, UT
    April 3, 2015 9:41 p.m.

    I am amazed by the comments here and the breathless news coverage of a man. Not a god-king, but a man. Obama has disgraced himself and diminished his office through his actions. We are not subjects, we are free citizens. We should not worship our leaders, we should hold them to the standards they have sworn to uphold.

  • netsrik Draper, UT
    April 3, 2015 4:08 p.m.

    @Fitness Freak

    "being able to see all the roads blocked - just for HIM"

    Would you be okay with all the security measures in place for the PRESIDENT of the United States if said president was Romney(and thank every deity people believe in that Romney's not)? Any POTUS is going to have road closures and detours. It's not just for him. It's a shame the lack of respect President Obama gets.

  • Redshirt1701 Deep Space 9, Ut
    April 3, 2015 9:29 a.m.

    To "The Real Maverick" you and your ilk did not understand what I clearly stated. Did I say that it was only FDR that caused the problems, NO. I stated quite clearly that FDR and other Democrats that pushed socialism were the cause. It took a few years for everybody to wake up to that fact, but in the end, how many elections since FDR have supported Democrats. Think of wild pigs being fed. They will keep coming back to the same spot day after day until the the food is gone, and they begin to starve. That is what went on in Utah.

    When the New Deal required work, there was the support, however as that changed to just giving out money the Democrats lost the support of the LDS members.

  • ECR Burke, VA
    April 3, 2015 7:51 a.m.

    Redshirt said, "Obama lost the respect of the military because he pulled out of Iraq with the Iraqi people begging to keep military there to fight off the JV team known as ISIS. Obama also has shown a lack of respect to military members."

    Obama pulled out of Iraq because we (President Bush) signed an agreement saying we would at the time we did. From Wikipedia, "...in 2008 George W. Bush signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. It included a deadline of 31 December 2011, before which "all the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory". (references provided) The last U.S. troops left Iraq on 18 December 2011, in accordance with this agreement."

    If you are going to make a claim that "Obama also has shown a lack of respect to military members" then you should provide some evidence of that. But since you didn't, I can only assume you have none. And, of course, the person who the question was directed at originally has also not provided any evidence.

  • Open Minded Mormon Everett, 00
    April 3, 2015 12:26 a.m.

    Orem, UT

    The military despises their commander-in-chief. Many liberals think it is because all our soldiers are too stupid to think for themselves. Just like many have convinced themselves that the opponents of Obama only dislike him because they are racists.
    6:07 p.m. April 2, 2015


    Who gave YOU authority to speak on behalf of "us"?
    Were you ever / are now serving the Military or working for the military?

    As a USAF Veteran and employee at Hill AFB,
    NO - "We" don't.

  • marxist Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:16 p.m.

    @The Real Maverick "If FDR and his agenda was so unpopular why did the majority of Utah and LDS members vote for him? "

    They voted for him because they were so grateful to him. Utah was well favored with New Deal money.

  • The Real Maverick Spanish Fork, UT
    April 2, 2015 6:33 p.m.

    @ Redshirt

    "You can thank FDR and the other democrats that promoted a socialist agenda for the LDS church members leaving the Democrat party."

    You might want to study a history book. If FDR promoted church members into leaving the Democratic party then how did he win 4 straight elections in Utah?

    If FDR and his agenda was so unpopular why did the majority of Utah and LDS members vote for him?

    Do you think unpopular politicians with unpopular agendas receive more votes than popular politicians and popular agendas?

    That's a funny way of expressing displeasure, isn't it? So I take it that you've voted for Obama twice, since you obviously don't like him or support his agenda. But using your logic you must have voted for him twice, right?

    Please respond! And be consistent this time reddy!

  • JoeCapitalist2 Orem, UT
    April 2, 2015 6:07 p.m.

    Utah is not the only state that is largely irrelevant in presidential elections. Only a handful of states are not firmly entrenched with one party or the other. Few Republican candidates even bother to campaign much in California or New York.

    President Obama has done NOTHING to try and bring the country together. He is constantly poking a stick in the eye of his political opponents. Liberal critics on this forum love to quote one GOP member of Congress or another who publicly stated that they wanted his policies to fail, but they can't point out a single thing the president has done to work with the opposition.

    The military despises their commander-in-chief. Many liberals think it is because all our soldiers are too stupid to think for themselves. Just like many have convinced themselves that the opponents of Obama only dislike him because they are racists.

  • Open Minded Mormon Everett, 00
    April 2, 2015 4:21 p.m.

    6 1/2 years of daily negative articles from the Deseret News,
    and now this from the Editors...

    ‘In our opinion: Welcome, Mr. President — please see Utah as a pretty, great state, not just a flyover state’

    And you wonder WHY he's put us at the back of the bus - like he said he would?


    Maybe he is moving down the list of states he visits,
    based on who's taking in More $$$ FROM the feds, than they are putting into it?...

  • marxist Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 3:03 p.m.

    @RedShirt "If you base Utah's support of the Democrat party solely on Presidential outcomes, then Utah never was a Democrat state because ever since Utah has existed as a territory or state the majority of Presidential Elections has gone to Republicans. Plus, if you go into historical documents, you see Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, and David O. McKay began to warn the LDS church of FDR's socialism. That when when things began to turn."

    Wow! This is a little short on Utah history. Utah gave FDR it's presidential electoral votes FOUR TIMES! Why? Because they were so grateful to FDR for what he did for them via the New Deal, which was particularly generous to Utah.

    But you're right about the LDS Church's rejection of the New Deal.

  • RedShirt USS Enterprise, UT
    April 2, 2015 2:43 p.m.

    To "Gregory Hill" ok, so it took the Iraqi people about a year before they began begging for US soldiers to come back. The point is that Obama has been ignoring them for 3 year as ISIS grows.

    As for the LDS exodus from the Democrat party, you are wrong. It was during the time of FDR that the tide began to swing away from Democrats. I didn't say that they all left during FDR, but that was the tipping point. Look at the historical data, how many Presidential elections since FDR have gone to the Democrats. If you base Utah's support of the Democrat party solely on Presidential outcomes, then Utah never was a Democrat state because ever since Utah has existed as a territory or state the majority of Presidential Elections has gone to Republicans. Plus, if you go into historical documents, you see Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, and David O. McKay began to warn the LDS church of FDR's socialism. That when when things began to turn.

  • plumwort Cedar City, UT
    April 2, 2015 1:55 p.m.

    Too Bad he will never read the article!

  • Gregory Hill Richboro, PA
    April 2, 2015 1:46 p.m.

    Fitness Freak, other Presidents stayed in the best hotel in Salt Lake City when they visited the State, often at the express invitation of the President of the LDS Church. Why do you believe President Obama is entitled to less respect and courtesy? Think about it.

  • Gregory Hill Richboro, PA
    April 2, 2015 1:42 p.m.

    JimInSLC, I don't agree with your interpretation of the President's comments about vacations (which applied to family life and sleep as well). He was merely saying that a President must put the public's work first and sacrifice those things where necessary. He was not suggesting he would never sleep or vacation or pay attention to his family life as President. That would be unhealthy and unwise.

    RedShirt, your historical ignorance is showing. The Iraqis did not beg Obama to leave US troops in Iraq. The Iraqi Prime Minister (Nouri al Maliki) insisted that we leave Iraq on the timetable negotiated by Bush. Maliki refused to negotiate the customary Status of Forces Agreement needed to protect our troops from Iraqi prosecutions because he wanted us out of the way so that he could promote without interference Arab Shiites over their former oppressors, Arab Sunnis. The Sunnis consequently deserted the Iraqi Army and tolerated (or openly allied themselves with) ISIS.

    Also, Utah voted for FDR all four times he ran for president, and by increasing majorities. He was not the cause of the LDS exodus from the Democratic Party. Try the social issues (abortion and gay rights).

  • RedShirt USS Enterprise, UT
    April 2, 2015 12:54 p.m.

    To "marxist" in other words, you don't want there to be conservatives and liberal. You only want there to be liberals that all think and act like you.

    To "Esquire" actually the Democrat party veered far left in the 1940's, and abandoned the values that they had in common with the LDS church. The GOP didn't have to do anything except open the door. You can thank FDR and the other democrats that promoted a socialist agenda for the LDS church members leaving the Democrat party.

    To "10CC" the GOP didn't have to plan anything. Every major decision made by Obama has consistently turned out to be bad. The GOP's only problem is not having a better PR presence to show the world Obama's mistakes.

    To "ECR" Obama lost the respect of the military because he pulled out of Iraq with the Iraqi people begging to keep military there to fight off the JV team known as ISIS. Obama also has shown a lack of respect to military members.

  • Dragline Orem, UT
    April 2, 2015 12:34 p.m.

    @ Sven. Kinda harsh man on that military hating their commander-in-chief and the requirement to sit in on a meeting when the big man comes to town. I hate it too when my CEO comes in and makes us all sit in. bummer.

    I am disappointed that no one is demonstrating against drone attacks and NSA intrusion and Guantanamo and his secrecy. I should have started something. Still feel bad about not joining the brave protest at BYU when Cheney came to town. Regrets, I have a few. Next time.

  • Fitz Murray, UT
    April 2, 2015 12:12 p.m.

    I am not a fan of any president, not just the current one, coming to this State. There is way to much lack of consideration in having 'we the people' move as we desire when a president comes to any location outside of DC. I wish they would stay back in DC.

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    April 2, 2015 12:01 p.m.

    The comments when Bush came to Utah were soooooo... much more bitter and full of vitriol. I'm so happy that the comments are more respectful this time (even in their are still criticisms of the potus and his policies).

    It's OK to criticize... But the level of the negativity and rhetoric when Bush came, and the bitterness of the protests... was VERY stark in contrast to what we are seeing today. And very disrespectful of the President.

    I hope we can keep it respectful.... that's all I ask.

    I hope Obama has a good visit in Utah. And isn't harangued by protesters (organized by our political leaders in SLC) like Bush was. And I hope we don't have weeks and weeks of bitter letters to the editor from the President being invited to Utah to speak.

    I hope I never become as bitter and partisan as Rocky Anderson.

  • dalefarr South Jordan, Utah
    April 2, 2015 11:45 a.m.

    Utah is a fly over state simply because of the electoral college system. Utah has never mattered in any presidential election. Its few electoral votes have never been dispositive of the outcome. My vote and every other Utah resident vote for president have been and are irrelevant.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:54 a.m.

    Utah is a fly-over state for Democrats for three reasons

    1. There are only a couple of electoral votes in the general election so the state doesn't really matter
    2. The people "cling to their guns and religion" in Mr Obama's eyes make no mistake
    3. The people - for the most part - see through the Obama facade and have for some time. The man can't stand up there with his sleeves rolled up and bark out a bunch of political nonsense so there isn't a great photo-op here for CNN.

  • JimInSLC Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:45 a.m.

    Gregory, 'Remember when Obama promised that he would not take vacations if elected President'?
    His words are immortalized on youtube, just search for the above quoted title. I don't care how many days other Presidents spent on the golf course. It was not right for them either. Many US citizens have not had a vacation in years. President Obama has no problem spending millions in tax-payer money taking vacations, playing golf, and still giving campaign speeches across the country. BTW, I don't listen to Fox, or any other broadcast news. I'm what many would accuse of being a conspiracy theorist, we've been lied to from both sides.

  • bikeboy Boise, ID
    April 2, 2015 10:45 a.m.

    Those who decry the lack of two-party politics need to ask... did Utahns (and/or Mormons) leave the Democratic Party... or did the Democrats leave them?

    There was a time - not too far distant - when voters in Utah, eastern Idaho, etc., vigorously participated in the Democratic Party. But, for some reason, those voters and their children, and the Democratic Party have apparently grown apart. Did the voters change... or did the party change? Or are the voters just to stupid and uninformed these days, to vote with the enlightened Democrats? (That seems to be a common belief, based on some of the comments.)

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:40 a.m.


    RE: "The "best-managed state" thing always leaves me laughing"...

    Yes... always looking for the negative, not the positive.

    Irony is... Are Utah children truly raged, and not cared for (like Oliver Twist reference you used)... Looking around today.. I see a lot of well dressed kids at our school.

    Maybe they weren't dressed and fed by the State (or the orphanage)...



    At least you would be polite about it...

    Were Rocky Anderson and his followers polite to George Bush when HE came to speak... Nope.

    The vitriol when Bush came was WAY higher, in comments, in protests, in the vitriol thrown around by Democrats... in every way the disrespect shown to President Bush when he came was WAY higher than ANYTHING I've heard today.

    So much for the "Obama is the most hated and maligned President ever", narrative...

    It's been mild compared to what Bush had to endure (even visiting predominately red Utah).

    If I could show you some of the anti-Bush comments we had to endure when HE was President... You would see the irony of the crocodile-tears from the same people who made those comments today.

  • Fitness Freak Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:32 a.m.

    Why can't Obama stay overnight in the military quarters at HAFB? Are they good enough for our military - but NOT good enough for His Majesty?

    Why drive 50 miles each way? Aren't WE (the little people)supposed to conserve gas?
    I think I know the answer - it has to do with being chauffeured around and the extra ego-boost of being able to see all the roads blocked - just for HIM. (I would've thought the greatness of that perk would have worn off about 5 yrs. ago - I guess not)

    How MUCH does it cost to book ALL the rooms at the hotel? Nevermind all the extra costs of police blocking off freeways and city streets.

    I'll bet Obama's glad its not HIS money he's wasting.

    BTW - Utahs greatness as a state occurs NOT because of this Pres., rather, it happens IN SPITE of this Pres.

  • ECR Burke, VA
    April 2, 2015 10:32 a.m.

    Sven said, "Most of the military loath this man and what he's done to our military."

    Your is not the only comment with this sentiment. I'm wondering what he has done to earn this distinction. What has caused this disdain from the people that serve.

    Was it his efforts to end our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    Was it his role in moving the hunt for bin Laden and in giving the order to take him out?
    Was it in his reluctance to put our brave soldiers in harm's way for a frivolous reason?
    Was it his efforts and success in regaining respect among our allies who distance themselves from our actions in Iraq?

    Just what did he do wrong in the eye of the military and what has he done to our military?

  • shadow01 Edwardsville, IL
    April 2, 2015 10:16 a.m.

    This Editorial says a lot of good relevant "stuff" about Utah.
    But it also reeks of "Welcome to our lovely state of Deseret great leader. Please let me bend down and kiss your feet."
    Personally were I still in Utah my voice would only be in unison with Hank JR
    "welcome to Utah now please leave."
    (At least I would be polite about it.)

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:12 a.m.

    It will be nice to have him here.

  • Sven Morgan, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:06 a.m.

    As a retired Air Force member, I'll take a guess that Commanders are going to have to force their members to attend Mr. Obama's speech. Most of the military loath this man and what he's done to our military.

    I'm thankful I don't have Obama's name on my Honorable Discharge/Retirement papers.

  • Irony Guy Bountiful, Utah
    April 2, 2015 10:03 a.m.

    The "best-managed state" thing always leaves me laughing.

    This year (again) our school children rank 27th in the nation on the performance rankings. That's called "mediocrity." That is NOT "best management" by anyone's definition.

    Reminds me of Mr. Bumble's school in the novel Oliver Twist. It was also "well managed" in that there was always a budget surplus. Of course the children in the school were ragged, neglected, and starving.

  • There You Go Again Saint George, UT
    April 2, 2015 10:02 a.m.


    In the piece the POTUS is referred to as President Barack Obama.

    Why not all three names with the accent on the middle name?

    Multiple mention of the Democratic Party in this editorial.

    Not one sneering reference to the Democrat Party?


    The DN will continue to refer to the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party?

    The DN will continue to refer to the POTUS as President Barack Obama?


  • Gregory Hill Richboro, PA
    April 2, 2015 10:00 a.m.

    JimInSLC, have you compared the amount of time President Obama spends golfing and on vacation with that spent by his predecessors in office? If you had, you would not have made your ungracious comment, I think. (Hint: he spends less time in both endeavors.) If you will spend more time reading the Deseret News and less time with Faux News, you will be better informed.

  • majmajor Layton, UT
    April 2, 2015 9:59 a.m.

    Well said. All politics are local. Parties that attempt to drive a national level agenda may have short-term gain, but it will end up costing that party in the mid-to-long term (i.e. G.W. Bush, Obama's first term...)

    Welcome Mr. President. We disagree on politics, but respect for the Office and the Person is vital to our system.

  • Sven Morgan, UT
    April 2, 2015 9:58 a.m.

    Tell us Craig, do you consider the Left Coast or the North East isolationist also? Republicans don't have a chance in those regions of the country. Are places like Massachusetts, New York, California, Maryland also clinging to their outdated isolationism? Of course not, because they vote Democrat Party...right?

    The reason you folks lost the last two midterms is because people are sick and tired of liberal policies which are destroying the nation. Interesting NO Democrats ran on the "success" of Obamacare, but instead tried to distance themselves from it. Why is that?

    Democrats have been rejected the last two midterms; you folks lost both the House and Senate. No isolationism here, just the rejection of Democrat/Liberal policies.

  • ECR Burke, VA
    April 2, 2015 9:46 a.m.

    It's been an interesting conversation here. Utah has become a "fly-over" state because there hasn't been a reason for the president to be there.

    I may have missed it but I don't recall any national or international conferences taking place in Utah over the past 6 years that would require his presence, but since I don't live there I could be mistaken.

    The president could have, and maybe should have, taken time to enjoy the state's outstanding outdoor environment and activities. He could have done that to support the Utah tourist industry but, of course, in doing so he would have been subject to the claims of spending "tens of millions of future tax-payer money on vacations" or some other such overwhelming exaggeration. So he hasn't done it.

    The editorial takes pains to point out the positive features of Utah that the president should appreciate and understand and they are justified in doing that. Utah has much to be proud of. So be proud but don't get a complex if every national political leader doesn't gush over it.

  • LOU Montana Pueblo, CO
    April 2, 2015 9:40 a.m.

    Deplorable statements by conservatives and most of my letters are cut because I favor President Obama.

    Nothing has changed in Utah.

  • Craig Clark Boulder, CO
    April 2, 2015 9:14 a.m.

    It’s unfortunate that Utah sees itself as a flyover state in national politics. But is that not to be expected in a state’s whose voting pattern has become so predictable that Democrats now write off Utah as a lost cause while Republicans complacently regard the state as in the bag for them?

    It didn’t used to be that way when Utah had a healthy two party balance and was in play for both parties in Presidential elections. But to be a one-party state is a surefire formula for being a flyover state. Utah’s 19th century heritage was that of an isolationist people within an isolationist nation making Utah an American microcosm. The 20th century forced America out of its isolationist cell. Perhaps Utah is still clinging to its own.

  • Hank Jr Draper, UT
    April 2, 2015 9:08 a.m.

    Welcome to Utah.
    Now leave.

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:54 a.m.

    How can he "fly-over" Utah... he's staying the night!


    @liberal larry,

    I see no need to get off the Utah exceptionalism kick... what harm does it do? (besides contradicting your Liberal-exceptionalism narrative)

    I think EVERY person should think their State is exceptional. Why do you (and other Liberals) constantly try to convince us Utah isn't?

    I'd rather have a positive-bias... than a negative-bias.

    And there is the inconvenient truth... that several independent research studies (with no ties to Utah) have found Utah to be "exceptional".

    - Best Managed State (USA Today)

    - For three years running, Utah has won top ranking as Forbes Magazine’s “Best State for Business and Careers"...

    - Utah has more top 10 economic rankings than any other state (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

    -Happiest State
    "The Beehive State ranked as the happiest state on WalletHub's 2014 Most & Least Happy States In America"...

    -Low unemployment rates (3rd best - Bureau of Labor Statistics)...


    Why do you try so hard to convince us that we are NOT exceptional?

    Doesn't seem like a worthy life goal to me. Kinda negative.

    We should always work on humility. You too.

  • JimInSLC Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:24 a.m.

    I doubt that Utah is a fly-over state. Pilots of Air Force One likely have strict instructions to always fly-around Utah, to never enter Utah's airspace.

    The office of president does deserve respect. Almost half the people in the USA are in poverty and on govt. assistance and Obama spends most of his time playing golf, spends tens of millions of future tax-payer money on vacations, and his administration is bent on starting wars in other parts of the world. Obama was handed a country in economic shambles when he first took office and only made matters worse. He had an opportunity to go down in history as being a president that turned the country around. I cannot fault him too much; The last president that tried to put the country on the right path was assassinated.

  • FT salt lake city, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:23 a.m.

    Salt Lake City is the crown jewel of the state. A beautiful city with a vibrant economy and a research institution on it's foothills. It's voted for Barrack Obama and has had a Democrat mayor since the 1980's. It's helped drag the rest of the state into respectability.
    Come on down Mr. President. You'll get all the respect and admiration you deserve down in Salt Lake City.

  • 10CC Bountiful, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:23 a.m.


    I don't know if Obama was naïve, or just another politician peddling the "we need a united America" that many people want, but very few politicians are serious about.

    I admit I was hopeful - and I was naïve - as we've found out the GOP planned his demise on inauguration night 2009. They were bent on sabotaging anything he did, even disowning their own ideas - market based healthcare reform - in the process.

    Many have said Obama has made race relations worse, not better, but this doesn't explain the Oklahoma fraternity "tradition", which is apparently much more widespread than Oklahoma. Unfortunately, I have grown less confident that Utahns detest Obama only because of his politics.

    The Obama Presidency has been a heavyweight slugfest from the opening bell, and Obama's still standing, with the US economy in much better shape than he found it. That alone makes Utahns despise him even more, it seems.

    I'm very proud to have voted for Obama twice, but Mr. President, I don't blame you at all for keeping a low profile on this visit.

    Come back after you're safely out of office, Mr. President.

  • 1aggie SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:13 a.m.

    Don't consider us a flyover state, although only 25% of us voted for you in the 2012 election-- the smallest percentage in the nation.

    "A myriad of ethnicities are represented in Utah,"
    UT's white population is 92.9%, #8 in highest percentage of whites.

    Not evidenced by racial or class attitudes of the majority of UT residents.

    Make a more vibrant 2-party system?
    If that is a goal, DN could help by better informing readers of both sides of the political spectrum.

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    April 2, 2015 8:10 a.m.

    Don't act like a flyover state. Utah has a lot going for it, but the state has put all its eggs into one basket. That makes Utah irrelevant when the GOP is not in power. The GOP in Utah co-opted the Church in the early 1970s, and since then, the culture has evolved into the false premise that you could not be a good Mormon and a Democrat. It is totally false, even though I'm sure we will see some commenters try to justify that false premise. This paper, calling for changes, along with its owners, need to show some leadership. You constantly take right wing, GOP positions, and do nothing to lead on making Utah a two party state. As long as the close affiliation, which is in fact in existence, between the Church and the GOP, Utah will continue to ride the roller coaster of relevance. Do you think that is really a good idea, especially if your mission is to take the Gospel to the WHOLE world and not just to the right wing world?

  • liberal larry salt lake City, utah
    April 2, 2015 7:56 a.m.

    I wish the DNews would get off the "Utah exceptionalism" kick.

    I spend time in 4 other states, and Utah has its pluses and minuses, but aside from its magnificent physical beauty it doesn't stand out as a particular exceptional state.

    Maybe we should start working on developing the trait of "exceptional humility"!

  • AllBlack San Diego, CA
    April 2, 2015 7:15 a.m.

    "with ... a burgeoning Latino population here"

    Yes Utah, you are blessed indeed!

  • Gregory Hill Richboro, PA
    April 2, 2015 6:43 a.m.

    Thanks for this gracious editorial. This President is an exemplary husband and father, who seeks to encourage fathers to spend time with their children and fully honor their parental responsibilities.

    Whether one agrees (as I do) with his general political outlook or not (as with Utah's congressional delegation), this man deserves our respect.

  • JoeCapitalist2 Orem, UT
    April 2, 2015 6:27 a.m.

    The author is assuming that Obama cares about any of those things.

    Obama seems concerned with one thing and one thing only...his political aspirations.

    If you can't help get him elected, or push his agenda, or sing his praises all day long; then he has no use for you. In fact, you are the enemy and must become the victim of whatever political power he can use against you.

    All his empty campaign promises about unifying the country...and being transparent...and caring about everybody, not just your political friends...were just that, empty promises. We have seen nothing from this president to try and bring people of different opinions together.

  • Baron Scarpia Logan, UT
    April 2, 2015 6:12 a.m.

    Aside from air quality problems, Mr. President, Utah is most dependent on coal for electricity -- about 80 percent of our power comes from burning dirty coal and the state has been very resistant to new high-tech innovations, such as wind, solar, and the Tesla.

    Indeed, Utah has outlawed the purchasing of Tesla as to not offend existing car dealers that sell old, gasoline-powered cars. And our biggest utility monopoly is trying to add fees to homeowners to discourage buying solar panels and becoming energy independent.

    And outsiders, such as Google and First Wind, are pushing the state's development of renewable energy. Not many locals recognize its potential in our sunny, geothermal state.

    In fact, there's lots of opposition to your EPA coal-burning restrictions. Indeed, we even held the nation's first ever "I love fossil fuels" rally in Price last fall, partly to embarrass you and partly to rally the troops to protect our dying coal industry. We'd rather blame you than low natural gas prices.

    But we need your help to move us into the 21st century. Keep pushing for clean energy! We won't do it without outsiders showing us the way!

  • XLAggieFan Ogden, UT
    April 2, 2015 6:01 a.m.

    As a longtime supporter of his presidential campaigns and the democratic party, in addition to forking out money I couldn't afford to support his campaigns and democratic initiatives, I am more than a little angry that his speech is not open to at least the few of us Utahns who have stepped to the plate to support him. I am going to have to rethink my need to donate to solicitations for cash from the President himself and/or the democratic party in general. My wife works at HAFB and 99% of the officers, airmen, and employees on base "hate" President Obama with a passion. So why are some of these people allowed to hear his speech including the ultra-right-wing congressional delegation and not his loyal supporters. Seems more than a little hypocritical.

  • marxist Salt Lake City, UT
    April 2, 2015 2:21 a.m.

    "But the national [Democratic] party needs to come, listen and learn of local concerns and opportunities, rather than dictate and push national platforms, which in turn push away local potential candidates and voters."

    There is very little the national Democratic Party could do to enhance their prospects in Utah, given the collective mentality of Utahns. Big negatives for Democrats here are the national party's views of abortion and women's rights, including reproductive rights.

    There are in the wings major issues which could entice Utah voters to the "D" side of the ballot including Tea Party attacks on social security, medicare and the ACA. For many Utahns of modest means these are existential threats and could make the Democratic Party attractive IF and ONLY IF Utahns were permitted some degree of class consciousness.

    The culture of Utah does not allow such so Democrats will remain a pariah here until the next big crisis. Obama acted too competently in the face of the 2009 crisis keeping it from become a depression scale event from which the Democratic Party could have leapt like in 1933-1935.

    For this competence Utah dislikes you instead. But welcome to Utah anyway Mr. President!