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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 3 2014 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

Take nothing for granted... Texas is and will be a very good team this year... If we are able to pull this one out in the 100,000 seat Texas Stadium filled with 110,000 screaming Texas fans we are going to have to make every play count and take advantage of every opportunity... We can't have mindless fumble and interceptions...

Texas will be the best running team that we have played in a very long time (since the days of Reggie Bush)... The Defense is going to have to be quick and plug the holes.

Phoenix, AZ

That's fine. While they focus on Taysom, Williams will run all over them.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We're gonna destroy Texas, just like last year.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

BYU also wont have the elevationn of cougar stadium. Make no doubt that played a part in that game.

A great opportunity for BYU. Lets hope the "back up QB" jinx doesnt kill BYU again like it has in the past.

BYU 35 Texas 31

Mission Viejo, CA

I'm looking for a close game, say BYU by 3. But they'll need a clean game. UT will run. They'll get maybe 3 TDs that way. I don't see a lot of luck running against a Mendenhall defense. If the kid QB can't pass, it will be tough for them.

Lots of unknowns, but I expect a really good game.

Orem, UT

First-year Texas coach Charlie Strong called Hill a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. "I looked at last year's game and the quarterback is an unbelievable player," Strong said.

Longhorn defensive coordinator Vance Bedford compared Hill to former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, the 2007 Heisman winner.


Taysom has a chance to really put himself and his team on the national map with another strong performance against Texas.

BYU 31 Texas 24

Heber City, UT

The good thing is this year Texas can't afford to only focus on Taysom. Last year, to be honest, if they had an ounce of ability to stop Taysom and Jamaal from running it, we probably would have lost. We had a horrible passing game.

This year they will almost certainly be better at stopping the run and they will pay attention to it as well. The thing is, we can finally throw. Taysom was incredibly efficient and spread the ball all over the place. There was an evenly spread out attack using the inside wideouts, outside wideouts, tight ends, and running backs.

People will say that UConn is a terrible opponent so it doesn't matter. Sure, UConn is bad, but Taysom couldn't throw for 78% last year against teams who were worse than UConn. Taysom is a better passer, has better receivers, and has much better pass protection.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Texas just dismissed both of their starting offensive tackles.

BYU should be favored to win. Like I said, Texas is done this year. The W/L record is taking a back seat to Charlie Strong changing the culture and attitude of the players.


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It will be a fun game to watch, this game will really tell us how good the O-Line is this year. If they can give Hill anywhere near as much time as they did against U-Conn then BYU will win. I would like to see a few Fusi Baptism moves against Texas! Go Cougars!


Altitude is a factor in Provo - but heat will be a factor in Austin. Its 1:00 am in Austin right now and the temperature is a brisk 81 degrees.

This game will be played in heavy heat. That may be a factor. I'll let you know how hot it is when I come back from Austin - but my bet is hotter than it was at Ole Miss and that my friends was hot.

Phoenix, AZ


"Taysom has a chance to really put himself and his team on the national map with another strong performance against Texas.

BYU 31 Texas 24"

I agree with your whole post except the score. BYU scoring 31 points infers that BYU would make a field goal. Therefore, I disagree because I'm not sure that's possible. Perhaps BYU 28 Texas 24 would be more accurate. Kicking game has been pathetic. ASU has had the same problem. Weber state's kicking game was better than ASU's...

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

If byu loses their quest will officially be over. I imagine that would be the toughest part of being a mid major. One loss, and your quest for a big time bowl game is over.

Charlie Strong has given up like 600 total yards to rushing QB's in the last 5 years - or some insane number like that. I couldn't believe it when I read it - it translated to 5 yards per game for QB's. That has to be one of the most impressive records of all time. The guy knows how to stop running QB's. And he'll stop Taysom.

Go Texas! End byu's quest just 2 weeks into the season!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" .......... The guy knows how to stop running QB's. And he'll stop Taysom.... "

Wishful thinking and reality can't coexist. Hill will rush for at least 100 yards.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

If byu loses their quest will officially be over. I imagine that would be the toughest part of being a mid major. One loss, and your quest for a big time bowl game is over.

Chris, Utah's quest for any Bowl Game ended several years ago...

I'd be more worried about your own team really.

Little did anyone in Uteville know the night that the Utes won the Sugar Bowl, their were shifting fates, to rarely, if ever, return to a Bowl. And it's not like the PAC doesn't have enough Bowl Tie-ins...

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Texas might have a rougher time running the ball now that they're missing most of their starting offensive line!

Go Cougars!

Northern, UT

Now is the time to unleash that long ball that we heard so much about during the fall camp!

Stretch that defense and let it fly Anae!

Milwaukie, OR

Actually, I agree that losing out on a major bowl after one loss a tough part of being a mid major. However, if you want to get to a New Year's bowl, you have to have a really good team, whether you are in a P5 conference or not. Both BYU and Utah have been pretty average recently--although their records differ based on the competition they each face. Maybe this year BYU does have a really good team, but we won't know until we watch the games. We might not even know then because of the SOS. However, if they win them all, it will certainly help their chances of getting in a New Year's bowl this year or next year. Remember that Boise State had several seasons of really nice teams before they got respect. Sadly, it was the type of respect that hasn't endured well. If BYU can continue to add speed and solid QB play, I can see them earning respect, but it might take a while and might actually be given to a BYU team that isn't as good as this one is.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@Two For Flinching, I agree with you on your point. I'm still not sure BYU can win in Austin. UT is always tough there. But I do believe that the UT coach is doing some painful things in the program, but at the same time he is doing the right things to ensure that Texas will return to prominence.

BYU can win this game, but turnovers and penalties will need to be low or non existent.

@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0. Chris I realize that in your mind BYU is an unworthy "mid major" program and you desperately want to sneer at BYU as if they are very different from U. If you could take off the blinders for a moment you would understand and admit that that although Utah is in the PAC, they are really the same type of program as BYU. Bowl games will be a rarity for U.

And don't throw out that "8 of last 12 games" bit. If you examine results in the modern era of CFB BYU is up by many games. U guys need a few more years to overcome BYU dominance of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Last week the O line was not tested that much. I think this week will be a different story. The passing game will not happen if we're giving up sacks or Hill is running for his life. Better athletes to account for this week...and more of them.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

I read some comments from fans in Tezas. One said, "Those Mormon Pacific Islanders are going to run all over our line". That is a paraphrase from what I remember. I can tell you this much, new quarterback and new second string offensive line is a recipe for disaster. There will be turnovers by Texas. Our defense will score a touchdown. That may almost be enough to win the game.

Texas defense will be better than UCONN by a long shot. But Taysom is a great quarterback with an offensive line. Minimum of 2 touchdowns in the game. The score in this game will be 21 by BYU or more and no more than 10 points by Texas.

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