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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 3 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

20 straight legal wins for Right to Marry Same Sex advocates and 6 states refuse to defend their same sex marriage bans sure makes same sex marriage look inevitable. So why waste tax payers money in a losing fight?

Outside of knee jerk fear based in bigotry and unsupported myths how does same sex marriage pose a threat to "traditional" marriage?

Logan, UT

Fighting things that are wrong is the right thing to do!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Just get government out of marriage and make it a private, legal practice. Get married in your own church/religion/belief/etc. and draw up a legal agreement granting your spouse equal legal rights with regards to healthcare, finances, benefits, etc.

Salt lake city, UT

Getting divorced is wrong too......do you believe we should fight that too? Live and let live!

Provo, UT


What exactly do you think you are fighting that is "wrong", and what makes it "wrong"?

Salt Lake City, UT

Well thanks to Louisiana today we can't do any more 20 wins in a row since Windsor type comments. Now it's something like 20-1 since Windsor. But yeah, it's inevitable one way or another (though I'd be very surprised if Kennedy didn't join the 4 liberals in siding with same-sex marriage).

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Death is "inevitable". Shall we all rush into it?

St George, UT

"What exactly do you think you are fighting that is "wrong", and what makes it "wrong"?"

It's wrong scientifically and it's wrong morally.

Established science shows heterosexual reproduction is how all sexual organisms on earth have consistently propagated. Going against several billion years of mother nature and natural selection makes homosexuality wrong. Or are you anti-science?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Well if a billionaire says so....

who cares what huntsman thinks. he also thought he would be the next president.

Things are easier when you have daddy warbucks to fund your life. If only all of us were given the same advantages that he has.

Layton, UT

To dddd: Good for you for being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs! I'm on your side, although I do believe people have a right to their own opinion. This world is getting scarier and scarier. Wars, famine, diseases, and immorality. We are going down hill fast. Sad for our country and the world.

Salt Lake City, UT

Banning same-sex marriage doesn't make gay people straight and marriage has no child requirement to it, likewise one can have children without marriage. Your science argument is thus non-applicable to marriage and claiming that people who support same-sex marriage are anti-science doesn't make any sense.

Why, AZ

I was not a fan of Huntsman when he was governor but I agree that gay marriage is inevitable.

Murray, UT

@dddd - Restricting the rights of citizens in the name of "doing what is right" is not only wrong but offensive.

St George, UT


"Your science argument is thus non-applicable to marriage and claiming that people who support same-sex marriage are anti-science doesn't make any sense."

Any practice that promotes or glorifies the destruction of life on earth is wrong. I would be against anyone pushing humans to drink gasoline, or pushing humans to kill their own young. I would be against these things because they hurt human life and our future as a species. Homosexuality does the exact same thing by stopping human reproduction.

Supporting homosexual marriage is supporting a practice which intentionally hurts human beings. Doesn't matter if it's on a small or large scale. Anyone supporting homosexuality in any institution is against the very process which brought and sustained life on our planet.

That's what makes it wrong. It's wrong to support or promote human extinction. Why would we support something that supports that very thing in homosexuality? I don't get it. It's absolutely ludicrous for a species to desire to destroy itself. If extraterrestrials are watching us from afar, they must think we're morons.

Provo, UT


Just more proof that reason is completely foreign to your arguments.

Okemos, MI

Nothing in politics or with the Supreme Court is inevitable . . . nothing.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter how big of a majority decides that wrong is actually right. And the argument can go both ways and apply in various instances. Nevertheless, as long as I have a moral breath left in my body I will fight against evil regardless of the cost, regardless of the outcome.

I do believe that the nation will eventually recognize same-sex marriage as legal but it would be more idiotic to just throw my hands up, give up and embrace just because some others see the truth as untenable.

While this battle may be lost in the future, the God of all will win the war much to the dismay of all nay-sayers.


The United Church of Christ is suing the state of North Carolina, because they say that NOT being allowed to perform same sex marriages is a violation of their freedom of religion. They, and 21 other Christian denominations are fine with it.

Murder, armed robbery, adultery, and rape are all considered sins. Yet you can get married from prison or even while sitting on death row. We even allow convicted child molesters to get married. But not gays, purely out of animus.

As for Gov. Huntsman, please run for senate here or president. I will not only vote for you, I will knock doors, help with signs, and phone bank.

Sandy, UT

You can produce offspring and more humans without doing it, these days. That is gay couples can have children and can contribute to the sustaining of human life on our planet.

Your argument fails miserably on those grounds, illuminated.

Salt Lake, UT

Elder Oak's talk on the tolerance trap is coming to my mind.

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