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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 2 2014 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder how many people look back at Obama's dismissive reaction to Romney's assertion that Russia/Putin is/was a looming problem and wish they'd understood better how much better Romney's predictive abilities are/were than Obama's...on this and many other issues. Judging from Obama's plunging approval rates, the number of people who are wising up is surely rising.

Virginia Beach, VA

“U.S. participation in defense of the Baltic states is unconditional.”

The certitudinous George Will is laying down the law again.

No, US participation in the Defense of the Baltic States is NOT unconditional. It is very much conditional.

IF we find it in our best interests THEN we will defend the Baltic states . . . To a degree that is also in our best interests.

America doesn’t need any ultimatums from George Will, or any other opinionated “Conservative” columnist.

Remember folks, these “Conservative” columnists are the SAME folks who led the cheers for GW Bush and company, who in retaliation for 911, attacked Iraq, a country that had NOTHING to do with 911.

These are the same folks who got us in trouble in multiple ways with their senseless demands for low taxes for the rich, less regulation on the financial sector, laissez faire government, more military build up, and more wars . . . Everything, in other words, that led to GW’s inglorious retreat from the oval office, where he had done more damage to the United States in eight years, then Al Qaeda or ISIL could ever do.

Is it wise to take the advice of "Conservative" columnists?

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Putin's rise is deja vu. Just as the left-wing stood by and watched the ascent of the original Soviet Union, the current left-wing administration is standing by and watching the ascension of a new Soviet state.

No reasonable person can deny that Putin is the proverbial dog in a manger who seeks to keep others from gaining, even though doing so provides no benefit to himself. He would sooner burn the world's food supply to the ground than let the Ukrainians rule themselves.

We cannot let the Soviets rise again. If the current left-wing administration will not take action, a change of leadership is sorely needed.

Provo, UT

Relatives living through WWII in Europe were grateful to the British and especially the Americans who came and did what they could not--traumatized as they were by a dictator and his vicious means of retribution--to give them hope and to free them. While Ukraine may not be in America's best interests, Putin's methods to unify the lands Russia "lost" during the democracy movement in that region during the 90s should not be allowed to persist. Ukraine is a sovereign country--is it not? Remember, Hitler didn't stop with Poland and Czechoslovakia--Hitler wanted to rule the world. Putin's initial land grab will haunt the USA. President Obama's inaction is unsettling. President Bush had the decency to go with intelligence reports and ask for a consensus from Congress before heading off to war. President Obama and his fans could care less about the rest of the world; keep blaming everyone and especially President Bush; keep making up stories (read many news sources); stand down until someone else does something... Come on, USA--you are the world leader--or, were...

salt lake city, utah

Mitt Romney did not say Putin was an emerging threat. He said he was the single greatest geo-political threat in the world.

Bothe he and Will are dead wrong.

JCS the Russians are hardly re-emerging as a new Soviet state. You need to put Ezra back in the bottle and view the world as it is.

Putin is a problem, and a problem that needs to be dealt with, as we are doing, but he is hardly the greatest geo-political threat. No ones following him except for Russian speaking eastern Europeans primarily in Ukraine. Radical Islam is far more of a geo-political threat. They have followers in Europe, Asia, and the US. Much more dangerous.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

if parts of the Ukraine want to reunify with Russia, let them. Let those people in that part of the world decide. We have no say in this. Repubs need to stop trying rekindle the Cold War.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey John Charity Spring -

" . . . the current left-wing administration is standing by and watching the ascension of a new Soviet state."

"A new Soviet State?" I see you disagree with George Will too. But Will is right and you are wrong.

Putin is no Communist. He's a Fascist . . . 180 degrees away.

Many "Conservatives" have no knowledge of the political continuum. They just throw words around without knowing their meanings.

Obama's administration is far from "left wing."

What do you think "left wing" means anyway?

Phoenix, AZ

"Putin's fascist revival is more dangerous than the Islamic State"

Not so. All Putin wants is more of the mideast and maybe Ukraine, Estonia, and Latvia. Poland too, maybe. Islamists want the world... and that would include the USofA. They already have their eye on Minnesota as we can see... where two Minnesotans converted to Islam and went to Iraq to join ISIS.

"Remember folks, these 'Conservative' columnists are the SAME folks who led the cheers for GW Bush and company, who in retaliation for 911, attacked Iraq, a country that had NOTHING to do with 911."

Dubya went to Iraq to stop the production of WMD which the US knew were used on the Kurds (stockpiles of old canisters were just recently discovered). And he went to the US Congress for permission getting approval including from Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Joe Biden.

"Mitt Romney did not say Putin was an emerging threat. He said he was the single greatest geo-political threat in the world."

I see very little difference between emerging threat and geo-political threat. 'Threat' is the operative word.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

the Cold War never stopped. We just gave up by trying to strike up a new relationship with Putin and Russia. You saw what they got us. Nothing but lies.

NATO needs to act on its ideals and support Ukraine as a free country. Putin will do everything possible to reestablish the old Soviet Union.

Let Ukraine be free and help them fight off Russia. Europe needs to support this 100% by ordering real and severe economic sanctions.

Bountiful, UT

Yes Putin's actions are unfortunate. They are also none of our business. Ukraine can if they wish put up a resistance. Similar to what the Vietnamese did with us.

Bountiful, UT

Thank goodness I voted for President Obama and he won instead of Romney. Otherwise we would be back in Iraq in a full scale war with boots on the ground and be in an other costly cold war with Russia. Enough is enough.

Othello, WA

Oh how maddening it is to the left, that Romney showed such superior presidential intelligence, compared to the clueless bho we all got stuck with. Now his slobbering worshipers have to fumble around making up the most mindless excuses and lame theories about world issues. Except that the situation is somewhat serious and deeply concerning, it is fun to play the hapless leftists like puppets controlled by a puppet master.

seattle, WA

Putin is a fascist. Islamic states are fascists wrapped in religion. I don't see much difference. Both elements are bad.

What worries me more is the fascism in this country. Lest you forget what fascism is, it is the radical nationalism associated with extreme patriotism and is generally associated with right wing politics. Sounds like the Tea Party to me.

Far East USA, SC

Yes JCS. Just what is your definition of "left wing"? Since every post you ever made includes the term, it deserves your definition.

As much as many would like to paint Obama as left wing, it is just not possible using logic and a classic definition.

West Jordan, UT

Putin may be a fascist but look at who he is fighting. Same thing in Syria. We are on the wrong side here. We should never have supported the Mujahideen who became the Taliban in Afghanistan. We should support Russia in this fight.

Leesburg, VA

>>No, US participation in the Defense of the Baltic States is NOT unconditional. It is very much conditional.

No, Will is right on that one. The North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 was signed by then-SecState Dean Acheson and ratified by the US Senate on 21 July 1949 by a vote of 82 to 13. Under the Constitution, ratified treaties have the force of law. So if Putin invaded a Baltic State NATO member, which then invoked Article 5 of the Treaty, the US would be legally required to consider that attack as an attack upon the US itself and come to their military aid.

Therefore, if the US refused to come to that member's aid, we would be breaking the law and a 64-year old multinational security commitment. No longer able to trust that we will keep our legally binding commitments whenever we find them inconvenient, our allies would probably reconsider every treaty we've ever signed them accordingly.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

That was until the cease fire.This may be more complicated that in the 1950's.

Springville, UT

Going back and saying Romney was right is of no use whatsoever. What would Romney have done about Putin? Immediate war? It seems to me that Obama has taken all the right steps. He has imposed progressive sanctions and exercised patience. All those who talk tough, are you ready to send millions to their deaths by rushing into a war that might be the world's last? And, this is not merely U.S. vs. Russia. All the nations on that side of the globe need to step up. Will may be correct in saying Putin is more dangerous than ISIS, or it may be rhetoric on his part. Time will tell. But I am deeply grateful for a President who is patient and is taking a longer view on these issues. We haven't given up anything as relates to our national security, and we sit in virtual control of the economic power (along with the UK). There are problems on that side of the globe, but it would not matter who sat in the White House in terms of prevention. The question is the reaction. Impulsive, or patient?

Leesburg, VA

>>The question is the reaction. Impulsive, or patient?

Patience is a virtue, but not infinitely so, and is often invoked to mask indecision. So the real question is whether Obama's current approach truly is an act of patience or an act of indecision. The president easily could settle that question by answering a few simple questions.

How long is too long to see whether sanctions will work? What is your criteria for success? If sanctions fail to restrain Putin, what then? Do we, Chamberlain-like, stand by and hope Putin won't go further? What's the option between "failed sanctions" and "military action"?

Clear answers would show that he has a plan and really is being patient -- true leaders have a vision, a strategy to implement it, and they communicate it. Muddled or absent answers would suggest that there is no plan and indecision is being misconstrued for patience.

Othello, WA

@ ordinary

Nice try on the Fascist label, but as often happens with most lefties, you can't really figure out how to connect all the dots. Your hatred for conservatives and the TEA party get in your way. A true fascist would never embrace the United States constitution, and when it comes down to it, TEA party members and true conservatives are the only ones who really follow the constitution! So try again next time, your bound to get it right eventually.

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